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    Blizzard Project Speculation, Old School WoW?

    With the seemingly easy release of Jagex's Old School Runescape which has brought a lot of players back to that game's best period. It poses the question, can other games return to their glory days as well? If you aren't aware, Runescape recently went through a lot of major changes which have more or less isolated the player base and killed the modern day game. In order to keep interest in their flagship title, Jagex re-released Runescape as it was in 2007 for a monthly fee. The game has been surprisingly successful as seen in it's live stream numbers and player numbers.

    So now we ask the question, can Blizzard do the same for WoW? Looking back it is generally agreed that vanilla-bc was the golden age of World of Warcraft. Sub numbers were increasing exponentially and the rate at which they were increasing was also increasing. The game was fresh and just worked. Runescape 07 has proven that people are willing to put money into an older game with outdated mechanics and graphics. Would WoW players be willing to do the same? What do all of you think?

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    I think you're crazy if you think Blizzard will spend one dime or one second on this

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    I think a Vanilla server wouldn't be worth the time. I don't know about Runscape or its changes, but WoW is 1000x times better now than it was in Vanilla. I suspect it would get an initial influx until people realize that, while it was good for its time, vanilla wow is terrible compared to today's game.

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