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    Jin Rokh
    Twin Consorts
    Dark Animus (I haven't been there for the first kill, but it seems pretty boring as long as you just put the anima into the golems... boss is just 2 minutes and over - longest time of the fight goes into splitting people)
    Ji Kun
    Iron Qon
    Lei Shen

    This is just my feeling and the experience is our raid group. This should be no means be a super objective analysis of the bosses.

    Edit: Oh 10 man ofc
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    10/12 here with a few attempts on consorts. Partly, difficulty depends on your group. Maybe you have really really good dps numbers but your raiders struggle to deal with mechanical fights. Maybe your dps are sub-par, but your healers are amazing. Maybe you have 1 or 2 stellar raiders who deal with a lot of mechanics for you. In any case, here's my take on it at this point.

    Easiest to Hardest based on mechanics:
    Dark Animus
    Council of Elders
    Twin Consorts
    Iron Qon
    Lei Shen

    With that in mind, some fights that are very easy mechanically, like Megaera for example, have harder dps/healing checks than more mechanically difficult fights like Horridon. On top of that, some fights get substantially easier if you can pass a specific dps or healing threshold, like council. If you have enough dps to kill Sul before he empowers, the fight gets exponentially easier because sandstorm is no longer present in the fight.

    Another oddly placed fight in that list is Dark Animus because the fight difficulty depends entirely on your strategy for controlling the flow of anima. Some methods make the fight extremely easy mechanically, but harder for healers. Some strategies make the fight easy on healers, but require higher dps to meet the enrage timer. Durumu is another odd one, because he really only has a handful of pretty simple mechanics, but 2 of them (the maze and light beams) require everyone in the raid to handle them rather than relying on 3 or 4 people to really handle the mechanics while the rest of the raiders just do their basic jobs.

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    10M 11/12 guild here. From my experience:

    1. Jin'rokh - Easy mechanic. Should be 9-mannable for most guilds.

    2. Twin Consorts - Easy mechanics, celestial buffs make it easier. Our guild 3-shot this I think. Got to ~25% on our first try without most of us knowing the fight and confusion for the person drawing. Second try, we messed up (I think we pulled when someone wasn't ready), got to around 50%. Downed it 3rd try.

    3. Primordius - As long as everyone knows what to do and people are aware of the different Empowerments, super easy fight.

    3. Horridon - Tied for 3rd with Primordius. It may be difficult for guilds that aren't super geared, but it's really an easy fight. Interrupt, don't stand in fire, and it's a mobile tank/spank. Our guild managed to down this pre-nerf with ~490 average ilvl. Proud of that.

    4. Ji-Kun - Make sure people on the eggs know what to do. Once that's taken care of, it's basically a tank/spank.

    5. Council of Elders - It's not really a hard fight, but it has a lot of moving parts. We now use the "group-up-and-cleave" strategy, which makes it easymode.

    6. Dark Animus - The trash is super annoying. The fight is pretty easy (and short), but it requires everyone to pay attention. One of those fights that is super easy once you know what to do, but it can be a pain to learn.

    7. Megaera - I felt like this was the first serious gear check in the raid. Our healers are our strong point, but our first few attempts were rough. I (one of the tanks) always dropped after the 6th head. The combination of breaths and random raid damage was too much for me.

    8. Iron Qon - I felt like this was the next gear check. Looking at the progress rates on our server, it looks like a lot of guilds (including ours) get stuck on him for a few raids. It's not a super difficult fight, but the enrage timer is pretty tight.

    9. Tortos - This fight has a ton of random, unexpected damage. I remember having to heal this and I didn't enjoy it. The fight is pretty easy now, but if you have raid members who are zoning out, this will be super annoying to heal.

    10. Durumu - Glad they fixed the stupid maze. Another fight with a lot of moving parts and some unexpected raid damage at times.

    11. Lei Shen - We're currently working on him now. The transition phases are a pain. We keep losing 1-2 dps during phase 1.5 and 2.5. Once you know how to survive those phases, I would assume it's pretty easy.
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