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    1. Holy Paladin
    2. Any rogue
    3. These things lock me down fairly well and easily. Sometimes I spend more time juking a cast than actually casting.
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    1. Play a Warrior
    2. Counters: Unholy dk in blood presence/conversion (biggest hard counter in the history of this game), rogue, a good hunter of any spec, a mediocre fire mage, a bad frost mage a warlock that knows how to press his defensive cds, ret pally with slow who knows how to kite, either shammy dps spec where they know where their ascendance key is.
    3. Every single class is capable of kiting and wilting the warrior down and then coming in for big burst during second wind. It doesn't take a genius to beat a warrior.

    Only specs I don't fear are WW monks because warriors happen to have a counter for everything in their arsenal and other warriors because most of them are one-shot macro heroes. Oh and shadow priests. Because zerker rage.
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    1. Destruction / Affliction warlock
    2. Any melee / hybrid.
    3. Affliction is rather trash against melee and a good melee can shut down a destruction warlock as well unless I magically have my gateway and portal set up and the correct pet out. Hybrids can play the run and heal game, hardly anything you can do against it with this ridiculous low mobility. There's no way I can ever catch up a druid for example that runs out of my range to heal himself up.

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    1. Death knight and warlock.
    2. Hybrids.
    3. They can equal and sometimes surpass my damage while easily negating mine through heals.

    Also, if I were to add in my rogue that I no longer play:

    1. Rogue.
    2. Hunter.
    3. Everything about them.

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    1. Stealthers - rogues, ferals,... they almost always get upper hand and ususally are all sissies and attack you while you are fighting someone else and are not focused on using flare all the time or you move out of it. Classes for sissies.
    2. DK's - damn invicible, blood one cannot be killes and they have too much damage. And even if I manage to kill one I die from disesases. -.-
    3. Warriors - I just cannot forget stun -> roflmaowhirlwindstompbbqwtfonebuttonwin -> another stun -> repeatwtfIwinbutton -> charge over traps like there are none -> laugh in my face with wtfIwinbuttonagain. Dumbest class ever.
    4. Frost mages -> freeze -> freeze -> freeze stun -> slow -> freeze -> freeze -> freeze -> slow -> wtfbbqdamage while being frozen or slowed down. And also immune to all traps and almost all CC of and let's not forget ice shield shielding them for crazy amount of HP and before you manage to clear mages buffs you already missing 50% of health.
    5. any healer. They just don't want to die.

    I play hunter.

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    No poll?

    1. Played all classes to endgame bgs + arena.
    2. DK overall.
    3. Resourceless high pressure.
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    i dont fear any classes..i just wish auto attack..was more manual attack...
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    Healers overall since Windwalker burst isn't great, but other than that I'd say

    1. Warlock
    2. Rogue
    3. Boomkin

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    1. Mage
    2. All classes
    3. In 6 years i still did not manage to figure out how to pvp in this game, and i won't ever get pvp gear for it's too time consuming to spend time on both pvp and pve. So i just run around and do some random damage and don't care

    ok, really, the class that causes me start swearing the most is a hunter. Usually his pet along is enough to kill me -.-

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    1. Hunter (zoo, disengage, deterance) how are you supposed to live against that as enh? cant even attack to heal as i weaken the pet= it does more dmg.
    2. Monks (ring of lame, stunn me? you cant hit me, redicilous mobility and regen)
    3. Warriors (as much cc as a rogue, more mobility and a "parry cd" which effectively robs me of selfheals)

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    1. Combat Rogue
    2. Warrior/Sub-Rogue/Feral-Druid/Hunter Variety
    3. Short Answer: Anything with a Bleed, it completely prevents me from re-stealthing or removing, and the Luffa is an outdated Fail D<
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    They all fear me..

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    1. Elemental Shaman
    2. Arms Warrior, Frost Mage, DK
    3. Warriors are the worst, impossible to escape and can lock n burst me down with ease.

    Frost Mages, are just annoying with constant roots and the repeated Ice Lance spam. Frost Nova > SPISSHHH! > SPISSSH! > Deep Freeze > SPISSSH! > SPISSSH! > Me Dead.
    DK's are just too hard to kill and have great self healing.

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    1. Enhancement Shaman.
    2. Warriors.
    3. Impossible for me to compete with second wind without having ascendance up.

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    Rogue (only level 51 atm)
    frost mages annoy me, i spend too much time frozen in spot >_<
    warriors in full tank heirlooms, with 40% base resi I just don't seem to damage them =/

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    1. ww monk
    2. hunter
    3. for obvious reasons. hunters are ridiciulous right now.

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    1. DK
    2. Good mages
    3. If they know how to keep me out of reach then i can't do anything.

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    Rogues - They're always there to gank you when you're out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, really...I can get ganked by one on top of a fucking mountain.

    They see everything...

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    1. Mage
    2. Nothing
    3. Once your trinket is down, I can kill you in a deep freeze in like 4 globals

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    Elemental shaman, I fear everything. I live in fear, fear keeps me concentrated as I pvp.

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