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    Proper use of T15 4 set for mutilate

    I just want to get a quick confirmation regarding the new T15 4 set. As an assassination rogue, I should be spamming the hell out of mutilate/envenom rather than worry too much about clipping, right? It’s either that or energy cap, which is less desireable than a few seconds of clipping envenom.

    As a side note, I really don’t like how the 2 set and 4 set sync up for assassination. “Here, enjoy a longer envenom! Now enjoy a 4 set that requires you don’t get the most out of it!”

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    4 pc is for 12 sec per 3 minutes, 2pc is for the rest of the fight.
    Yes you should spam the hell out of 5 cp envenoms during SB. You should't complain, this set bonus is insanely good.

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    Absolutely - the only exception is that when it's ending the last GCD, specifically - if you're CP capped and planning to envenom, but won't get to mutilate before SB ends and you're also not about to cap energy, you should hold off and pool as normal. There's no special benefit to using your envenom under SB, while there is to mutilate (extra CP for more envenoms).

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