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    Vuhdo and debuffs

    I am currently using Vuhdo for my raid frames. But I am having problems with fights like Dur and Primordius with the debuffs. I am just dpsing so I don't really like to see the debuffs on the frames. I wouldn't mind but the debuffs end up covering up the person's name on the frames so when I'm called to brez someone and there happens to be multiple people dead it takes me longer to figure out which one is the right person and I have to untarget my target to actually select the player to make sure I have the right player.

    Does anyone know how to make it so that the debuffs do not show up on the frames? I have gone through the debuffs panel and unchecked everything that said show but that does not seem to have done the trick.

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    it's under the custom tab of debuffs, you just have to remove it per spell.
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    I had problems with this as well. If you simply remove spells, they'll be added again every time you update. The better way is to go to the custom tab under debuffs, find the debuff in the dropdown menu (use Dungeon Journal to identify the names), and then uncheck everything. This will make it all invisible and the settings will save on updates.

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