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    I think all gear should come from points. The people who enjoy grinding the raids and dungeons will continue doing them regardless, and those who hate the grind will at least know how long they have to suffer. The random drop, often low chance, seems a very outdated concept to me. If they worry about people not wanting to play after getting gear, then perhaps they should make better content and stop forcing people to grind.

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    If anything, I think they should give raids more of a 25m treatment, increase the number of players required (15m?) and increase loot drops, not only will this mean more loot per run, but less loot on average will be DE'ed. You'll have an innate "bad luck protection" with increased drops per week.

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    seeing as the item tooltip for justice/valour points reads "used to buy less/most powerful PvE WEAPONS and armour, and yet fails at the first part, is kinda stupid, only in cata have viable weapons been available, and even then it was just off hand/shield items for justice point (346 pre raid blues), since then, the only "weapons" that were available, were wands, and until the MoP pre patch when they got shifted to main hand slot items, they were just a stat stick in case of emergency use once items.

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    I reckon you should, yeah. I really hope Blizzard implements this in another patch / Expansion.

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    Or perhaps stop putting other drops on a boss that drops weapons...

    So first I have to win a roll to get loot...fine I can deal with that
    But then I have to win another roll that gives me the ONE item from the boss that I actually need? That's a little mean

    God knows how many Tier 14 tokens I got off Empress...or the mail hood
    Council of Elders? Well that's only 2 of seven possible drops...

    Here's to beating the odds twice to get the most important item for my dps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neliah View Post
    Well Blacksmithing allows you to create 522 ilvl weapons now. Maces 1h/2h, swords 1h/2h, axes 1h/2h..
    Notice there are NO daggers on that list...

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