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    A too much hit problem


    Fully min/maxed and I have 1.76% too much hit. I don't have enough haste to do efficient frost dps, enough crit to do fire dps or enough mastery to do arcane dps...I am trying to get a raid spot in my guild but my dps isn't amazing..Now i'm ilvl 511 and it's still going to be shit because of the itemization on my gear...The only two items I can switch out is relic of yu'lon and the tier mage gloves i522...

    I don't know what to do =( And i'm so upset about this situation.

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    Bump. Simmed my gear as fire only 122k dps. At i506 my gear as frost simmed at 126k, at i511 it simmed at 127k...The fact I have almost no haste gear is killing my frost dps. I don't know what to do.

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    You're saying you don't have enough haste. Why don't you gem for haste then?

    Yellow = 320 Haste
    Red = 80 Int 160 Haste
    Blue = 160 hit 160 Haste

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    Is this a joke? Your gear is fine for Frost.

    Just because X spec has Y stat with the highest weight, doesn't mean you can't play X unless you have Y on all your gear. I had hit/mastery gear going into 5.2 and switched Frost and did good DPS. I don't know why you would be upset by this?

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    Because I have so much more potential if I had more haste over crit/mastery.

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    With the VP-gear being so mastery heavy I also encountered this, but gemming haste simmed higher so I did that and managed to reach from 6k to about 8.3 k haste. It's certainly viable. Also the VP ring has a bunch of haste on it so get that!

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    Gemming haste over intellect is NOT going to make a huge impact, we all have to make due with the gear we can get... iLevel 510 does NOT equal iLevel 510... Stats are important regardless they also are symbiotic.

    I would agree, you cannot work mirracles but your gear is just fine....

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    I put you into AMR and did a few changes. Managed to get you down to 15.06% hit and up to 8765 haste, a gain of 2240 haste at a loss of 1053 int. If you value haste at a 2 to 1 ratio over int, which some frost mages do(I did and noticed a gain in DPS as frost, esp for movement fights) then this is an overall gain for you.

    To get the outcome I did simply go into AMR, load up your character, edit stat weights and change the haste value to 2.3.

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    lol your gear is so nice for fire:O I wish i could have that....crit on every item nice trinkets...how the fuck can you have ilvl 514 and already such badass gear. I hvae ilvl 510 since fucking nothing drops in our runs (11/12) and i got 2 items so far since start of 5.2... Btw my dps is fine. This post looks to me like if id make a post that i have to much gold and dont know what to do with it

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