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    My proposed change to Daybreak...

    I recently sent a tweet to Ghostcrawler - I hope he responds.
    I asked to change Daybreak.
    If they would allow the heal to go to the beacon, then that should alleviate the T15 QQ (which is justified).
    If you read Beacon, it states:
    Your Holy Light will also heal the Beacon for 100% of the amount healed. Your Holy Radiance, Light of Dawn, Light's Hammer, and Holy Prism will heal for 15% of the amount healed. All other heals will heal for 50% of the amount healed.

    Even if they allow daybreak to go to the beacon @ 15%, it will allow us to raid heal if needed, and keep heals on the tank. If we're assigned tank healing, we'll pretty much be forced to holy shock the tank and the 10yard range on daybreak will then be worthless.

    Here's what I'm thinking: Blizzard is datamining a lot of T14 logs where Daybreak via T14 Holy Shock is occurring every 4 seconds. Now that it will be every 6 with non-T14, our daybreak uptime will be a lot less (and honestly, it's a pretty shit spell that usually is ~50% overhealing and only heals for 3-5% of total healing).
    I just hope common sense prevails.

    Either that or update the damn beacon tooltip.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I don't quite understand how allowing daybreak to go to the beacon would help the QQ. The 4-piece from T15 already makes 20% more go to the Beacon. Adding this mechanic would just increase the amount going to the beacon most buffing our overhealing like the T15 set is going to do. I understand the nerfs to holy paladins, but the fact that they had to come one on top of the other is silly as paladins have had both mechanics for a while now and they have consistently been one of the stronger healing classes. The reasoning behind the T14 change is understandable from the point that it was overpowered, but to nerf it only now seems more of like an excuse to get us to use their poorly designed T15 bonuses. But honestly if you think about it from their viewpoint, if they had just nerfed the bonuses during the middle of last tier for example the QQ storm would have been the same or even larger. I think the daybreak nerf was kind of unnecessary but on the off chance that your tank is actually by himself, so is an instant heal for 200K (crit). I just don't think that kind of situation will happen a lot that daybreak will exclusively hit one target. There is almost always at least one idiot pet that's standing near the tank. Get rid of the daybreak change and I think people will be happier.

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    Currently Daybreak doesn't go to the beacon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcbubble View Post

    What are your thoughts?
    I think it would be an 'ok' change, but I'm far from convinced it's something necessary to balance us. It's another step towards really 'forcing' us into a rotation which I'm really not a fan of.

    Personally, I would much rather see it be treated as a smart heal, but I think that's unlikely as it would probably throw balance off quite a bit (just a guess)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcbubble View Post
    Currently Daybreak doesn't go to the beacon...
    Thought you were suggesting the change of making Daybreak go to beacon...

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