We are a guild that has been raiding since B.C.
We currently house players with experience through 6/13H ToT who have been in U.S. 25 or better guilds.

As a group we have decided to step away from the high drama of the bleeding edge and make our home here on a lower population server where we can relax just a bit while providing a quality over quantity raid group.

We are currently looking for one skilled Holy Paladin and one Tank with DPS spec equivalent to their tank spec for our initial 10 man foray into ToT.

Raids are conducted 7:30 to 10:30 CST Tuesday through Thursday with challenge modes and old content being run optionally Sunday and Monday during the same general hours.

If you are tired of being the number 60 guild on a high pop server and want to come feel like you actually make a difference to your raid team give us a holler.

If you are an exemplary player already residing on Grizzly Hills and are tired of being stuck in a guild that never clears more than the preliminary bosses of an expansion give us a holler.

Inj#1944 battle tag or hop in our mumble for a personal interview at

Chanel = judgement
Server = judgementofantonidas.typefrag.com
Port = 60526
Pw = whopper