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    need some help with greenfire quest (pvp geared)

    Hi there I seem to be hitting a problem with the green fire quest I died to the enrage timer. I think i'm lacking dmg, my best try was 19% with pvp gear gemming for mastery and reforge all items to hit, i'm really not looking to farm gear for this just to make up the dmg i'm not doing if someone could help me out on why I seem to be ******* up would be great,

    here is my best try I did http://www.twitch.tv/urmetal/b/394799746 move 20mins into the stream

    cheers alan.

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    It has nothing to do with gear, ill give a few tips based on what i saw.

    Potion to clear the Curse, this gives you 7 extra minutes. (dont use any other pot during encounter)

    Dont spam immolate on the imps, use conflag and incin to.

    Sac the imp for the dispel incase you get caught with agony on you outa range of the pitlord.

    Pet control, the pit lord has a huge heal and can dispel all of the magic debuffs, use these abilities.

    Banish / Fear Doomguards.

    When under 20% hp use the imps for embers with rain of fire and immolate > spam shadowburn on boss.

    /profit if you even do 50% of what i said there.

    Also on a different note i recognise your stream name, im almost certain i used to play with you (i think your scottish).

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    Dude want to make your life alot easier. Move pit lord like 5 yards from portal, stand in the middle of imps spawning, RoF x2, immolate them all, stun them, pit lord fire breath profit.

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    - Everything AjayxD said.

    - You are not using the charges from your Pit Lord very well. Anticipate the cataclysm, make sure you have at least 3 embers. Precast Chaos Bolt, stun when in mid air and cast 2 more for 3 chaos bolts into the 100% damage modifier.

    - Take note of where the cataclysms are in the fight. They are always at set points, now its been a while since ive done it but I think it's always after he has done a summoning channel. You can easily fit in a couple of charges + chaos bolts in between these mandatory interrupts for some much needed damage.

    - You need to dispell yourself ALOT more with the Pit Lord breath and the imp sac.

    Well done on the felhunters though, arguably the hardest part of the fight. And clever use of the aggro drop on gateway, didn't even think of that when I did the quest.

    Good luck.

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    You'll most likely find all the information you need + new hints right here:

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