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    Example of rules not being enforced


    Take a look at the rest of the thread and explain to me why calling out individual users, flaming and insulting them is allowed here?

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    Report it and move on. Threads like that move fast, hell. That post is only 30 minutes old....

    It doesnt even seem to be breaking any rules.

    (At the time of you posting, it was 4 minutes old....did it really warrant you making a thread like this?)

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    i dont think hes breaking any rules, but use the report button if you think he is. if you're not happy with it PM a mod and they might explain why hes not infracted.
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    I've reported so many posts in that thread and I hardly see any infractions or warnings given for personal attacks, trolling, and flamebait. It's gotten ridiculous, and the fact that a mod closed the topic for getting out of hand when they let it get that way in the first place is just terrible.

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    You're welcome to discuss particular concerns about moderation privately by contacting the administrators using the Contact Us form or sending a private message to Sunshine.

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