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    Best trash ever

    What do you think is the best/worst trash Blizzard ever made? If you say worst I'd say definately trash before Sindragosa. But what about the best one?

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    I hate trash, but i guess AQ trash, back then we were used with dragons and magic and stuff and then ALIENS BUGS ALIENS

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    Worst trash: Shadow Lab before the nerf.

    Best trash: Trash. Ulduar, on the way to Mimi.

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    by far blood wing trash in icc.
    yes lets have knockbacks, stuns, massive dots and ultra bullshit for an entire trash wing.

    toc lol.
    no but best trash, id have to say probably magmaw. two drakonids that throw your tanks back and forth automatically? yea k.

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    Dwarven Kings in Blackwing's Decent.

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    Worst trash is C'Thun trash hands down.

    Best trash ever? This is a joke right?
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    Worst trash, the entire Troll wing of ToT, also the Dark Animus trash.
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    All trash is bad trash. As much as it feels less epic to not have trash (I'm looking at you TOC), in the end me and I'm sure all the other people in my group are like "Fuuuuuck can't wait to get rid of this shitty trash and just fight the boss already."

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    30 minute SSC trash

    I'll give C'thun/Ouro trash w/out a mount an honorable mention

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    I really dig the snails. Last night, still had 4 go down to them. I giggled like a school girl.

    +1 for ToC though. No trash beats anything else.

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    I had the worst experience with the trash going up to kael'thas, fuck all of that trash. I didn't like HoF trash, it was annoying. why can't trash be fun and challenging? similar to the trash right before lei shen. although there have been a lot of raids similar to that, where this is one area that is like fighting a boss.

    funnest trash...probably where you could control the phoenix in firelands and kill people, the snails are funny, so was frogger and trash like that.

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    ToC trash was the best for obvious reasons.
    IMO, trash serves no sense other than take raiders time. If ToT had no trash, we could clean it all in one 3h raid. Since it has trash, we're wasting six more hours to clean it. So, best trash is complete absence of one.

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    Ive always hated the gauntlet trash before Sindragosa. Not hard, but so mind numbing.

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    Worst/Boring Trash - Ultraxion Drakes

    Best Trash - Battle of Mount Hyjal
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    Best trash - gotta be Atramedes dwarves. Was nice and smooth, and gave you a feeling of actually fighting and thinking about tactics. I like the trash before Marrowgar as well, very nice and clean AoE rush

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    Naxxramas , the most dificult ever made trash packs XD

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    Apparently Trash before Heigan in Naxx 40 was incredibly painful if those who actually did it are to believed.

    Because we sucked so much in MC, the imps / surgers in the cave to Lucifon were bloody annoying and then the respawning corehound packs before Maggy if you didn't kill them all at the same time. But at that time any raid concept was novel to us.

    I hated the trash before General Vexx before it got nerfed (one pack was removed). Oh well..and pretty much all the SSC trash.

    Best trash has to be ToC..and if that doesn't count, I kinda liked how ICC played all in all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiea View Post
    Ive always hated the gauntlet trash before Sindragosa. Not hard, but so mind numbing.
    I thought it was kind of fun, you just killed things like you were in some heavy metal fantasy. Screw worrying about the tanks picking it up.

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    Best trash ever was Mimiron trash pre-nerf. Was pretty crazy-hard for trash and got laughs out of my guild due to how absurd it was.
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    Worst thrash is definitely the drakes before Ultraxion.
    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Apparently Trash before Heigan in Naxx 40 was incredibly painful if those who actually did it are to believed.
    Ah yes. It was a gauntlet back then and you had to do it every time again if you wiped on the boss, wasn't it?

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