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Thread: Best trash ever

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    Best trash is thrah that serves a function. For example, the trash before Durumu teaches you the mechanics of the fight. The fog beasts that reveal adds when they die, the eye thingies that create a mini-maze that you have to run. That's good trash.

    Bad trash: Piles of mindless trash that serves no other purpose but stretching the raid out, with (almost) no reward. Mount Hyjal comes to mind with the silly attack waves.

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    Best trash is those snails in ToT. If I could queue LFR for just that trash I would.

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    worst = p1 of KT, aka trash waves.

    best = before flame levi dujjj

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    Best and worst trash is the Anubisath Defenders in AQ40. Them and the Twin Emperors boss straight after broke guilds back in vanilla

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    I don't know but there are a whole bunch of places I want to sound my Yaungol Battle Horn in HoF and ToT.

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    This is a secret :o
    I like the occassional "quest rares" that appear in ToT normal and Heroic. They are really fun to do and feels like extra mini bosses ^_^

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    The best trash was those Promenade Sentinels in Black Temple where they would instantly kill someone with like the Level 5 laser beam or whatever it was. Those were the best times in BT clears.

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    I really liked the trash before Durumu, actually. At least the first guys who make the mini maze. Always amusing to see who dies.

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    I dont know if this has been said... But best trash was!!!! TRIAL OF THE CRUSADER!!
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    worst trash - forge of souls

    best trash - ToTC
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    C'thun trash by far is the worst, if anyone ever raided aq40 on 60, knows it, it was so retarded, that it didn't even respawn. At the first days, we had a whole raid night only to clear it. Dont understand, why they put them in.
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    Like: Dwarven trash before Atra was fun, mostly because random buff that they gave that increased your damage. Or the dogs that changed skin color so that YOU could make double/triple of your normal dps on them. There should me more mechanics that artificially increase your dps imo. Also pure aoe trash packs like mantids before/after Vizier, if only because there is so little places this expansion outside raid where you can mindlessly aoe. Any trash with reflect spells mechanic when playing Affliction.

    Hate: Most of ToT trash. Dummies with bloated health pools (from dps pov). They may be fine when you're fully normal geared/progressing heroic modes, but before that, just tedious. Extra points for Megeara trash that pulls entire raid when one derp decide to run before mass rez, nudge something on way back and teleport entire group back to death, what idiot designed this? Drakes in DS, tanks hated it since they couldn't get aggro, ranged hated it because they came so slowly, I can only imagine what melee had to suffer if they wanted to participate. Should let us engage them at once with Thrall popping Bloodlust. Any trash with reflect spells mechanic when playing Destro.

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    Best trash is Mimiron's trash. But I don't particularly need any trashpacks. I am probably one of the few who liked ToC. That said, if there is trash - it better be fun trash and as little as possible.

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    The Sunblade trash before Kalecgos in Sunwell Plateau is one of the worst especially if you're trying to solo the place, some of them have health-percentage hitting abilities meaning your +300k health pool is forfeit if you can't kill certain mobs swiftly.

    The best trash for me is the Shadowblade felbloods also in Sunwell because of their appearance, those are amazing models you won't find anywhere else and their gear is pretty sweet.

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    my fav trash has to be icc.. blood wing shit is awesome.. they really rape the tanks while limiting the mobs as well
    frost wing isnt bad either.. u can kill the boss for frost badges n stuff
    first wing wasnt bad either.. and outside before the gunship battle.
    yorsarj had fun trash too.. the slime bubbles.. pull a ton at once

    worse trash:
    no1 mentions it but ruby sanctum trash was kinda annoying as well.. same with the dwarven council in BWD
    and of course ultraxion trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejaa View Post
    Worst trash: Shadow Lab before the nerf.

    Best trash: Trash. Ulduar, on the way to Mimi.
    Oh man how I hated doing Shadow Labs because of those trash groups before that boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    Black Temple trash was the best, in my opinion. It gave the sense that this really is the enemy stronghold, the source of the enemy's army and power. From the naga relegated to the depths for their weak position within the hierarchy, to the fel orc assembly and training areas, to the demons on guard, to the blood elves in the upper reaches, the entire structure of Illidan's forces is on display, and gives weight to his claim as Big Bad Evil Guy.
    I agree, I run it weekly still looking for the MH Glaive on my monk and it still gives off that epic feel of invading the "Big Bad Evil Guy's" Stronghold. Don't forget the whores on the way to Mamma Shabazz!

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    In this tier

    Worst: dark animus trash
    Best: the gastropods that oneshot everything, they make me lol.

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    Worst trash has to be the first SSC trash prenerf where you could not CC anything and the bats ran all over the naga tore shit up etc etc! I remeber thinking "if this is the trash how bad are the bosses going to be"! However if you got in after the nerf / fix well it trash was simple as crap and easy ... but the first couple of times... HOLLY HELL was it a cluster f*ck!

    My fav trash was the constructs in BT! We would literally bet on who wsa going to get the one shot beam (yes I know it was avoidable but we just sacrafised whomever was the target) ... some of the best times in vent... "here it comes... ooo ...oooo BAM aaaaahahahhaha PAY UP 1 shot!"

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    All trash is bad. The worst has to be the endless waves in Mount Hyjal.

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