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    I agree that flying should be available only at max level for your main character but I couldn't disagree more about having to pay 10k each so that my alts could fly too. Where is the logic in that? I could just level them up to normal and pay the minimal cost my main did. A cost that would be covered just from the gold made questing and selling the green drops and whatnot that I'd likely collect as I went. 10k... Jesus! You're basically punishing people who want to fly but don't have a lot of gold. I don't give a shit how easy you think it is to make gold, some people literally play the game for some fun and only carry about 2k around with them.

    Step 1 - First toon - Max level then learn flying.
    Step 2 - First alt - Sent a tome from first toon that cost, let's say, 1k.
    Step 3 - Second alt - Repeat Step 2.

    And I really don't understand how flying breaks immersion. I'm flying on a fucking dragon! How is that not immersive?!
    Sure, it's fun levelling through the zones on foot the first time. But then I've done all my exploring on the ground. I want to see stuff from up high, reach places I couldn't reach before. Keeping yourself on the ground only is just shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to experiencing the world and what it can offer.
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    Flying while leveling does not equate to skipping content. What it lets you skip is the fifteen annoying, worthless, infuriating trash mobs that knock you off your mount until you finally make it to a quest objective, then the fifteen more that do the same on the way back, making you take 4-5 times as long with quests. That is not, and never will be, content. It is a timewaster, serving no purpose but to stretch out the real content and piss you off in the process.

    Damn straight I want to skip that rubbish. Flying all the way.

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    Not until max level, and you can make it super expensive as well 20k / character we need to get some gold out of the economy.

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    Flying unlocked @ max lvl, with a lvl 90 req item from a vendor.

    The faction that vendor belongs to, then offers you a "flying commendation" on exalted that unlocks (new xpac flying) for your entire account.

    If you want to lvl before getting exalted on the main (lets say this is achievable within 1 reset after getting max lvl) then lvl with ground mounts, if you can wait 1 week, you instead can fly around while lvling.

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    No flying on first playthrough on the latest expansion content until you've reached max level. Allow flying in all other non-instanced content, at second+ playthrough and/or at max level.
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    Ignoring the fact this is your thread.

    Players are now conditioned into loving flying so much that they cant be without it.

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    The no flying is cool as it is, just keep it that way. But get more dangerous mobs closer to the roads.
    Now you run from A to B and you never get attacked.

    Instead of the tomes, why not reduced prize for flying skills for your alts. (just like the commendations for the Pandaria factions they have now).

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    It really makes no difference to me. Being able to fly doesn't change anything, I have just as much fun flying to place X as I do running along the ground. Personally I'd allow flying just to annoy those WPVP whiners who think it ruined the game (protip: it hasn't).
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    I agree. It should be Wrath style, with no flying at the beginning, but once you hit cap you are able to buy the tome for alts. Personally, I love getting a chance to see everything via ground mount in the beginning-plus it's nice to actually use some of my mounts for a change. But, after your 5th or 6th 90, it gets a little tedious. -.-

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    Wow, I can't believe I'm actually (sort of) agreeing with Jaylock. Hell really has frozen over.

    I agree, flying should only be unlocked at level cap, but we should also have the BoA tomes as we had in Wrath to get flight at 85 for alt characters.
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    I think it depends on the layout of the map itself. If it's very travel heavy, why not toss in flying? Maybe scale it down to base speeds (no master or artisan counts).
    If we're looking at less travel, then allow it at level cap, for the sake of being able to farm for mats and such once level cap is reached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    2. Tbf I explored and saw a lot more from pandaria from a ground mount perspective. The only exploring you'll get on a flying mount is from the air, which isn't really exploring an area.
    Just because you fly way above the tree line, doesn't mean that I, or other like me do.
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    Not until max level, secondary characters should unlock flying earlier. If next expansion is anything Outland-related, exploring it on ground level will be as epic as first steps in Pandaria, the land felt just massive (and this time also alien, possibly, to add to the effect).

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    1st time no flying

    2nd, 3rd, 4rth time after that on your alt you can buy flying from the get go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    What do you all think?
    I think that the way they did it with LK and Mists was the right way.. it gives folks a real tangible motivation to level.

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    Flying should be available immediately really. I'm not blind, I will be experiencing the content either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    I completely agree with this. Having flying at the start of leveling takes out the danger of leveling and makes it faster then it should.
    what danger? also I don't particularly enjoy traveling in a landscape where you cant see anything due to trees/etc, at a shitty speed and annoying mobs that dismount. No monsters generated for leveling can posess a 'challenge' I didnt die a single time in the world while leveling my monk, shaman, warlock or hunter. I couldnt see anything off pandaria before I got a flying mount.

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    i like the way flying works in mop.
    in fact, i actaully like isle of thunder.. alot.. whould be nice with more noflying zones. makes the world feel more alive! and flying mounts makes the world feel very small..

    Whould be fun to have an expansion without any flying whatsoever. just to see if id miss it or not.

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    Allow flying from the moment you install it. And it should be free. No training. Seriously this must be the bajilionth thread on the subject wth ????????
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    I am enjoying getting around on my ground mount and it made questing more explorational like when I came to the top of the kun lai summit where all the trolls were. I even love the no-mount zones like worgen, goblin and panda starting areas.

    What I am however not liking is being dismounted by angry mobs running after me, so that i suddenly have to fight a lot of them at once as it happens a lot in the new thunder isle zone.

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