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    PvP noob and I need help...

    Hi guys, I've settled into WoW and started to play a lot of PvP, but my question is how does the Honour Point system work? I know you get honour in PvP battles for kills, winning the battle etc. but once you get a certain amount of Honour Points can you buy heirlooms? Or do you buy heirlooms restricted for your class? - E.g. Say I was a Rogue with enough Honour Points to buy heirlooms, would I buy Rogue heirlooms or could I buy what I please?

    Thanks in advance.

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    With Honour you can purchase any PvP heirlooms, regardless of your class.

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    Okay thanks. Do you have to be a specific level or if you play well enough till like level 20 or something, can you buy them or do you need to be level 90?

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    basically, you do alot of battlegrounds. save the honor then get the heirlooms. there are only 2 pvp items, weapons and a trinket that are pvp heirlooms. the rest is justice points heirlooms earned and you cant come by them if you do not allready have another character pref at 85+. you can convert honor to justice, but at low level, that would take ages, and yes the heirlooms are cloth,leather,mail,and plate restricted.

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    Generally you wont earn enough honour at low levels to really buy anything lol, but there's no restriction~ Also, you can buy extra heirlooms for gold from the guild vendor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiLLeR View Post
    Generally you wont earn enough honour at low levels to really buy anything lol,
    Actually the gear from the WSG/AB vendors is great and it's dirt cheap (like 35 HP to buy a blue set of boots/bracers/neck/rings). So if you are leveling and you don't have gear that isn't available via Heirloom, you can use your honor to buy other stuff too (although, going the AH is just as easy if you have the gold).

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    Just get to level 90 and ignore everything else. You don't really start playing this game until you hit level cap. Once you hit level cap that's when the gang initiation begins.

    Have fun.
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