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    I tried to buy a ticket for my friend so he could come along with me and that didn't end well. Got home right as the sale opened up and I was already something like 14000 in queue within like 20 seconds of clicking the link.

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    This really sucks... LARGE amount of tickets are on ebay now for 250-400$ each :F

    I wish that there would be EU sale of tickets too for ppl ONLY from EU :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    Why? This is a very common thing in everything out there. From new, hard to get items like consoles, games, to concert tickets etc. Plus it's perfectly legal to do. There are even legit sites that help you sell tickets for example. IE from Ticketmaster.
    Because it sucks when you're just trying to legitimately attend an event you like and want to go to but there are assholes out there who buy up a bunch of tickets in order to simply sell them for a profit. Not only does this rob genuine fans a chance of going at actual price, a lot of people consider it to be a dirty, under-handed way to go about 'business'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Messor View Post
    This really sucks... LARGE amount of tickets are on ebay now for 250-400$ each :F

    I wish that there would be EU sale of tickets too for ppl ONLY from EU :/
    One of the years I spent hours on eBay flagging tickets and marking them for being sold above actual price. eBay used the banhammer and smashed a lot of them down.

    I'm personally just going to stay home and watch it online. Not only do you get to easily switch between streams and content, but you can watch everything for a WEEK after the event is over. It's a hell of a lot cheaper, more comfortable, and less of a hassle. Of course, it also means you can only order some of the swag online weeks after the fact, rather than taking it home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    I'm estimating around 5000 tickets on sale. started at 100% available at 1500, dropped to around 85% when i was about 700 in queue. 800 * 6.66 == 5000 or so
    The number is actually closer to 15k tickets. They usually sell around 30k.

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    The good thing is this year they fixed the other problems by apparently clouding the whole thing. Mind you I do find it strange, that I am in line at 10:00:01 PDT and I end up 9287 in line. Do hope they fix it so you can't really ebay them...I mean sure, you can sell them, but the buyer wont be able to use the ticket.

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    47 matches so far in ebay.....Come on Blizzard, wake up and fix it

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    How do the same people who complain about DRM want blizzard to fix selling tix on EBAY? The only way to stop it is to fuck over the fans and that still won't stop it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    And nothing WILL be done, ever. They don't have the money to go to a further away convention center. They already lose loads on running Blizzcon, making absolutely no profit from it, and it would cost THOUSANDS more to move everything just a few more miles, let alone to a place like Las Vegas for example.

    Say about 20k people go, and subtracting cost of goodie bags and other small stuff what they get from each ticket is $100. They'd only get $2m, and far more than that would be spent on the concert, setting up the convention, security, using the convention center, and the time lost from having all their employees running Blizzcon (they have stated before they lose around 2-3 weeks from it).
    You did what most people do... you forgot to add the stream revenue in there. That thing breaks records every single year, as they've mentioned in their quarterlies every single year since making that available. Further, the concert isn't that expensive and the venue is actually pretty reasonably priced.

    The employees that work it fall into two categories - developers and volunteers. Devs are quite well paid and this is part of their job description, as with any management job you plan for this event. Slides and panels aren't just phoned in. Other employees that attend pay a fee to go like anyone else. It's my understanding that the STAFF guys are volunteers. I dispute that, since it's California and labor laws are pretty strict, but it's something that I've heard from Blizz employees before.

    Whenever a company says they are taking a loss, my accountant side comes out. Even the first Batman movie reportedly never made a profit, it's all in how you book it and report it.

    I still can't believe the tickets are still this cheap, they really need to increase the prices.

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