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    New IOBIT game booster sponsored by razor perfect for wow


    the video is a clear guide ( video isnt me) about this product hopefully this will increase your wow perfromance without upgrading ur pc

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    Is it really free ?

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    I've used it for wow on my older system. I was in the beta program.

    I can positively tell you it increased WoWs performance. It was a small increase but it was an increase.

    It can all be done manually, but it is nice to have a once click button.

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    Oh and it's not longer Iobit, it was bought by Razer.

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    Go find the old version before it got adopted by Razer.

    I resent the living fuck outa everything Razer is doing with their software. That synapse bullshit is beyond infuriating.

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    Dont have much need (unless it optpreforms Fraps in terms of quality). Nice idea though, hope it is sucessful. Razers new beta software (ie this and comms) seem to be working out quite well.
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