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    Quote Originally Posted by AbsolutVodka View Post
    These ideas made me pretty sad, why would you want a second job?
    Because the first one isn't soulcrushing enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post

    With the attitude of the general player base and how it is now days, I can only fear for just how forgiving and laid back the next MMO Titan will be =(
    You mean, the attitude of wanting content to be genuinely challenging at its' prime before we outgear it and move on to new things - instead of being forced to do pointless, repetitive grinds to reach the good stuff?

    Yeah, what a shame. Imagine if Titan actually lays more focus on engaging gameplay and polishing skills to get your rewards instead of separating everything by barriers of how much time any half-crappy player spends repeating the same action. Horrendous.
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    [QUOTE=KBWarriors;20931480]Guild Hopping
    Guild hopping in MoP is a huge problem because of just how easy it is to gain reputation. I know more structured 25 mans and heroic guilds don't have this problem, but with this being so easy, a lot of players don't have any intentions of helping their guild out and usually just join for free perks.

    - Access to perks would be based on how much experience you have generated for the guild. It will take a rather significant amount to finally unlock the Level 20-25 perks.
    - When you join a guild, your account will be marked as a "trial" internally and if you leave within that 7 day trial, you will receive an invisible account debuff that will not allow you to gain guild reputation or experience for any other guild for 7 days. Being gkicked from a guild will not give you this debuff.
    - Players who have this debuff will show up with an icon next to the game in the guild roster that's visible to everyone including the officers/guild masters.

    i havnt read through every page, but if someone has not addressed this?!? guild hopping has been around since TBC if not vanilla long before guild perks. i remember what it was like to have 15-20 or so dedicated people to your guild and your guilds progress only to be feeding the bigger/better guilds with the other 5-10 people that that werent dedicated to us. then guess what? it was back to kara with your 4,5,6 new people in the raid to gear up.

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    I'm really, really glad the OP doesn't run the show.

    First of all, nix the player housing.

    Second of all, why is raiding a requirement for everything with you? There's more to the game than that. What if somebody is a PvP buff, how are they going to get their flying or housing?

    Also, if people leave after one wipe in challenge modes why do you think they won't leave after one wipe in these over-the-top difficult heroics you want? Did nobody leave after one wipe in BC?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuffguss View Post
    Lets say ten years ago you liked to go to a night club and this one night club called "World of Warcraft" was your favorite place to be. Now lets say over ten years and now with a wife and child you no longer like the things that you always used to like about night clubs... maybe they're too noisy now, not a good family place, too busy.. whatever. So now ten years down the track, you no longer go to the night club called "World of Warcraft" that you used to love, but now you go to a new favorite spot that better reflects what you have grown to like now.

    So, is it the World of Warcraft nightclub manager's responsibility to change their club to keep you interested as your interests change? Or is it more reasonable that their nightclub continues to cater to their current target audience and you simply move on instead.

    I think the second option is how the real world works.
    It's in their best interests to grow and change along with their playerbase. They aren't interested in catering to the minority, they're interested in catering to as many people as possible, and in keeping as many people playing as possible. They don't want the guy that grew up and started a family to quit, they want him to keep playing and they want him to get his wife and kids on board as well. They didn't remove the grind, there is plenty to do for the hardcore player, they just added more accessible content so that the people who don't WANT or CAN'T dedicate so much time to the game can still enjoy it. Blizzard will always do what will make them the most money, and WoW is still one big cash cow for them.

    That said, I really enjoyed the Kara key quest chain back in the day... it was a lot of fun and very rewarding... but using huge quest chains and rep grinds as a bottle-neck that you MUST pass through in order to proceed is a terrible idea. I wouldn't mind something like that as an optional undertaking, but mandatory?? Blech.

    I think Blizz did a decent job this xpac. I felt like some of the rep grinds early on were mandatory if you wanted to be competitive, and in my case it ended up being too much of a time-sink considering my IRL responsibilities. So I quit hardcore raiding in October and played around with pet battles and other not-so-hardcore things in game for a few months... and I'm glad that things are the way they are because when I wanted to start raiding again (casually this time), I wasn't hopelessly behind gear-wise because of VP/LFR gear. GG Blizz, thanks for the good time, please keep taking my money! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Lol, what a surprise, people see that the game would require effort and label it as terrible.
    People think your ideas are shit, and you assume it's because they don't want to put any more effort into the game. Ever thought perhaps it's because your ideas were just shit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Callei View Post
    Which go free-to-play with a cash shop in a last-ditch attempt to keep the game running at a profit.
    Uh. WoW dose have a Cash Shop. Its called the Blizzard store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    Lol, what a surprise, people see that the game would require effort and label it as terrible.

    No, subscriptions wouldn't decrease, I guarantee you they would increase actually. Even in BC, there were plenty of people raiding who had lives, I love when people use the "I have a life" excuse as a way to say they shouldn't have to put any effort forth in this game.

    suuuurrreeeee not all ppl raid to start with so no flying mounts for them ? well in that case they can kick you out of your guild never raid again so you never fly again and we'll see how fast you will beg to remove those flying req
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    Finally people are getting used to the current wow and no more derpiness of bringing old wow back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    He's talking about raids.

    If all you do is dungeons you can't really complain about difficulty because that's what raids are for.
    I would disagree. Challenge mode is quite challenging and it's good to have something else difficult other then raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post

    In the new expansion, here's how I would handle flying:
    - No flying until level cap
    - Players must explore every area of every new zone before opening up a quest from the flight trainer
    - The quest will send you to various dungeons to collect materials from bosses.
    - The materials will form together to create your final quest
    - The final quest will send you to various raids to collect body parts/things from bosses that will need to be inscripted into a quest item (Tome of Higher Flying).
    - Once all the pieces are collected and the quest is complete, THEN you would use flying.

    I would change that, you can only fly if you have at least 5 toons in one faction at level cap with all different profession cap.
    Plus at least one level cap from the opposite faction.

    Including the following

    At least a tank with at least 100 LFD run
    Next a healer with at least 50 LFD run

    So it could help the wait time in queue

    Then when you reach max cap, you should successfully complet 10 LFR

    Finally any dps with a full T6 Xmog with 25 LFD run


    Sorry are you serious ?
    I already have a shit load of toons since the last 7 years, and tell me why I would have to go throught this shit all again of exploring all the place ?

    Flying mount should be available at level 40

    Fast ground should be the only one available and replace at 150% speeed available at lvl 10

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    Must disagree, the rep grinding in mob was already enough to make me regret be an altaholic. the flying but was interesting, but again that would fuck alts, would rather they just plan certain zones to use flying mounts smartly ie vertical zones rather then horizontal.

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    I actually liked Cata level heroics, it was only their length that sucked. Only thing I would agree with in your argument are the Heroics, if they were as quick as MoP heroics.
    MoP heroics are quick and can be fun, but are just way too easy to have much substance or depth whatsoever.
    And then thinking back on wotlk, I don't remember ever getting bored with those heroics. And I know a lot of people feel the same way, I just can't put my finger on why. They just did something right with wotlk heroics (not including the faceroll, 3.3 heroics were great).
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    I've had the idea of possibly bringing attunements back, but give a purple reward at the end. May make it more bearable.

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    All the below are my responses to OPs points, and as always IMHO:

    "Truly Heroic Heroics"

    Cata did this and it was a massive flop, people started to abandon the game in droves. "mini raids" may be fun for a small percentage who have nothing else to do all night, but when you open it up to a larger player base, it just doesn't work.

    Methinks many that call for this are eitehr looking through rose tinted specs "When I was a student who flopped out of school and had all day to wipe, it sure was GREAT to have heroic heroics...." or a minority that always has a guild/family/friends team ready to run content when they need/want it.

    "Flying Would Be Worth It"
    This was pretty much the case whenr it came in at BC, and that IMHO, was the time for "flying to be worth it". We're now many xpacs in and that time has come and gone. As much as I like my professions alts to fly right away, I feel the way blizz handle flying now works fine.

    "Looking For Raid"
    If random groups can't handle the "heroic heroics" (They cannot. Proof: Start of cata), they definetly will not handle your idea. And they don't even want to try, it's why Blizz has tried so hard to get people into raiding.

    The idea of penelising players for messing up the mechanics is completely shitful. Not everyone plays in the USA and gets super ping. Hell, what if a US players ISP is being shit one day and they get lag and start to lag into mechanics? Why should that player be punished? Seems to be this form of punishment would just drive players away from wow. Less subs=less cash for blizz=less content for us.

    Punishing AFKs tho I agree with, tho there should be a bit of a tolerance built in as again, not everyone that AFKs does it to be a troll or be carried.

    "- In order to use the Looking For Raid queue, your character must be exalted with all of the heroic dungeon factions in the expansion." What a foolish idea, did you see the level of hate people had for being "forced" to complete reps to unlock other factions/dailies and gear? I could imagine those same people would absolutely HATE being forced to run dungeosn til their eyes bleed for rep (and on top of that, it also has the effect of causing you to burn out on herocis much more quickly, which creates more "gogogogogo" scum bags in the queues.

    "The Removal Of Justice/Valor Points"
    Hahahahaha! I can almost guarantee OP, we give you a bad string of luck for raid/heroics drops, and you'll be screaming for the points to come back, espically if you find yourself undergeared and can't get into LFR or find your raid/rated spot in trouble.

    "Guild Hopping"
    Nice idea, but also a bad idea. Trying people too mujch into a guild essentially kills making a newer guild, but gives guild masters WAY too much power. And even then, people who guild hop are generally looking for progression, not perks.

    "Player Housing"

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I would dearly love to see something like Aion, where I start off with a shitty little apartment I can customise with furniture and and such, and have people visit. Then (Depending on my toon and level of wealth) upgrade my way to better and bigger houses. That said, I wouldn't like to see such a thing enter the gold sink territory, as not every player plays the AH (I find myself that dreadfully boring).
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    Most of these ideas were active within the game at one point, which attracted the original 9 million players or so. In a move by blizzard to attract even more people (more casual audience) it made the people who love these ideas and the love the roots of the game to disappear and quit because everything that they loved about the game became non trivial, removed or changed things that made it not fun for them all to make way for the more casual audience.

    This, which changes are now deeply situated into the game will not be reverted to the old WoW because obviously it is now too much for the core of players to do these kind of grindy things... they don't have the time.

    Sadly the old majority is is now the new minority. New majority wants content and game play that fits their common circumstances (job 9-5 with familys and maybe 1-2 hours a day to play) and the new minority wants WoW to go back to its roots and values which is a sub loss for blizzard by going against what the loudest voice wants.

    At the end of the day the company will be following the path of money and the direction they are going fits it for them.

    I personally would love to see WoW go back to its old roots were "if I work hard to get the things that are available in the game I will get them" was the attitude most had and not the "I don't have time to play the game like others and i pay my monthly fee like everyone else so i want to have the content they have with ease" although i can understand that attitude its not what WoW was based around.

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    I read those ideas mainly as:

    "stuff I would like to introduce to inconvenience other people, because I have a steady guild, am not behind on gear, and don't need to run LFR or heroics anymore. With this in place there will be less people doing what I am doing, which makes me more special."

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    blizzard already tested player housing in classic alpha and beta and was removed quite quickly i dnt know why but it never made it live obviously

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    Have you sent your resume to Blizzard already? I'd love to have you in charge of things. Maybe you could fire that Ghostcrawler who keeps nerfing all the FotM classes I roll every patch/expansion.

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