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    Is engineering worth it?

    Title I suppose, looking at how much engineering is better than jewelcrafting. I assume it's better for a frost dk than unholy, so I guess I'll limit it to that. My other profession is blacksmithing, so I don't think I can drop that, I put too much time(gold) leveling it. Also not spending 800-1k for belt buckles feels nice.

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    One word: glider

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    engineering is all fine and great, until Bliz just stopped giving you stuff. at all. and pushing back anything you might have gotten...
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    In other words, he's worried about how sharp your bayonet is when you are firing RPG's.

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    Glider, rocket... belt (never understood why they moved that from boots...) and wrist mounted whatjamahooey that i barely ever use.... Glider and rocket belt alone are totally worth it, especially in world pvp situations.

    That said, not a whole lot in engnieering after you get those things... kinda shafted the profession.

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    shafted? Jc gets 2 prismatic gems.. an extra 320 strength or 320 mastery... thats it... engineering is SO much better than anything JC offers..

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    glider, nitro belt, synapse springs for stacking extra strength buffs with diseases - engineering's awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandwrong View Post
    engineering is all fine and great, until Bliz just stopped giving you stuff. at all. and pushing back anything you might have gotten...
    Well that hasn't happened yet because MoP gave Engineering lots of cool toys.

    As for making money, Engineering is not for that.

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    We have goggles that let us see other players nekkid.

    What more could you ask for?

    *cough* anyway, Engineering is a fine professions... but don't expect much upkeep. Their "fun" enchants, like the nitro belt, have been around since WotLK, and the parachute cloak was just updated in MoP to be the goblin glider. As for actual craftable items, it seems that blizzard has further decided that engineers need to shoe out money to alchemists for gobs of living steel to make anything appreciable, because apparently Engineers just made too much money, and alchemists apparently made too little.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Engineering is the top profession due to its 1920 Strength bonus to gloves for 10 seconds every minute (320 strength average passive) which lines up nicely with Pillar of Frost, and frag belt, which is a 500 dps increase per target. Leatherworking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Blacksmithing, and Inscription are all on par giving 320 Strength.


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    It's the most fun profession there is as it gives you tools your class normally does't have access too.

    From a mathematical standpoint it's usefulness for tanking is quite limited but for DpS it's really nice.

    I don't regret going back to engineering at all.

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    Best DPS profession especially for a class with a 1 min CD to stack with and dots to be buffed with extra 1920 STR.

    All the funzy stuff is a plus too.

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    I always go for Engineering simply because of the glider and boosts. I just LOVE the glider

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    Blingtron, and repair bots. Enough said.

    On a serious note, half of my raid groups are engineers, it's a spectacular proffesion, and nitro boots are pretty OP when they don't fail for certain mechanics, or covering a large distance in pvp.
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    From a gameplay perspective, whether you go from the fun or the throughput benefit, engineering is pretty much the best profession.
    From a cost perspective, engineering makes the least money of any profession, yet requires a significant amount of gold/resources to level, and to make some of the fun gadgets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendenbarr View Post
    .... engineering makes the least money of any profession, yet requires a significant amount of gold/resources to level....
    Couldn't be more precise...

    Blizzard should have made repair bots and mailboxes to provide a 10-20% tax to the owner...

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    yes it is worth it the gloves is a quite a increase of dps, this should be a no brainier .

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    Engineering is very worth it imo. I love having it on my death knight (and rogue, and warlock, etc).
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    In my opinion the glider alone makes it worth it, I can only hope they never change it. I wish I could level engineering on my alts though, it's either pay crazy prices for mats or go farm it myself though.

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    Synapse springs - sick for frost, macro it to your pillar of frost, orc racial and so on. Good for unholy aswell, use it off CD and at the start of a fight when your trinkets are ramping up so you've got max attack power for festerblight rotation. Engineering is definitely worth it and probably one of, if not the best profession for DPS.

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    actually depending on the situation engineering can be profitable, however i would agree it is the least profitable profession.
    As a whole i find engineering one of the best professions in the game. nitro-boosts are amazing for soloing an tanking. and synapse springs are a nice damage and survivability boost. and gliders are amazing for certain mechanics and for going fast while indoors.

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