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    Fuck Engineering.... for being so awesome.

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    They really should move away from completely static boring professions (every profession that isn't engineering) bonuses. You should never rely on nitro boosts, but they certainly can get you out bad situations if you're already fucked to begin with.

    The glider doesn't seem all that useful on paper but it's saved me on a handful of encounters this tier. Kiting bats near the end of heroic tortos can get hectic when the room is filled with turtles, especially when you get knocked up in the air. Normally I might risk death if this happened, but I have an extra out as the glider propels me forward away from them. Super handy.

    On the one Ji-kun platform you have to jump perfectly (or run off with a good speed boost) a glider can make the difference if you have a momentary lapse in judgment. Instead of losing 10-15 seconds of time you can glider to make it on the platform.

    Most of our raid is engineering and it's pretty awesome.

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    If you have engineering skills then you can have your degree worth otherwise no use of it.

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    1) The thinkers are awesome. Synapse Springs and Frag Belts (which are severaly underutilized) are DPS increases, while things like Rocket Boots and the amazing Goblin Glider grant a ton of convenience/utility.

    2) Tons of useful gadgets. Blingtron is meh, but Jeeves is so useful to have (remember, if you're an engineer Jeeves allows you not only access to vendor/repair, but also access ro your personal bank), and the personal mailbox is extremely handy.

    3) Portals! If you like soloing old content, or have other reasons for moving in and about through Azeroth and Outland, the portals you can make with engineering are a HUGE time saver.

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