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    10 man Council (Normal)

    Our 10 man group just got to Council tonight and had alot of trouble. We're OK until Sul becomes possessed and we wipe every time. We tried stacking the adds up which clearly did more damage overall but not any extra damage to Sul and again once he became possessed we wiped. I was wondering if someone would be willing to take a quick look at our logs and see if anything jumps out at them.

    I'm unable to post links but our guild name is Long Story Short and we're on Daggerspine US server

    Thanks so much for your time

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    I looked up your logs and the first thing that jumped out at me was the sand bolt damage taken. Sand Bolt and Wrath of the Loa can be interrupted so you should make sure you have someone doing so, thats a lot of damage that you dont even have to take (12.4% from Sand Bolt and 8% from Wrath) so try and get some interrupts on those.

    Also seeing some dark power on some attempts. If youre doing the stacking strat for this fight you have all your dps focus Sul at the pull, pop hero/lust and burn him as hard as possible, when the possessed add (Frost King first) gets to 40-50 energy you want to have your ranged switch over and burn 25% of his health, once the possession is broken have everyone stick back to Sul until Kaz hits 40-50, and repeat the process (some send all their dps after kaz at this point, up to you). The idea is that with decent dps Sul will die before he becomes empowered or just as he becomes empowered.

    Other than that it looks like you guys are just having issues mitigating the damage your raid takes, make sure that everyone keeps up with interrupting Sul as much as possible, same for Marli. Make sure people arent standing in the sand, that theyre getting away from the raid with biting cold, and that people are huddling with frostbite. The big thing I think for you guys after looking at the logs is interrupts. Good luck!

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    My raid group comp only has 2 melee, the rest ranged and our first kill had 3 healers.

    The strat that got us our first kill was similar to above, I would tank Sul and our other tank would hold Frost King and Marli on the opposite side of the room. We would lust on the pull and burn Sul as hard as possible, when the first blessed add came up, all the ranged and 1 of the melee switched to it. At which point I taunted Frost King over to Sul and then we burned Frost King until out of empowered, leaving myself and the 1 melee on Sul until he died. If it looked like he wasn't going to die without help, when the third empowered went out, we had our other melee jump back on Sul to clean him up.

    We saved healing cooldowns for the odd chance of having Dark Power going out, but it only took us a few attempts on this strat to get it done.

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    My guild just downed Council a week ago, and had our second go at them this week, what is very important is that one of your tanks should tank Frost king and Sul, where the other tank tanks High Priestess far away from the raid, so they can avoid the 5% heal to bosses if add reaches them, and also to prevent players being insta killed by the add whilst possed.
    At the start burst Sul down as much as possible, we got him to 40% in our bloodlust phase, and then just cleave/multi dot Frost king, as he is the first to become possed. When you get Sul and Frost king down, it's already won to be honest.

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    Also, a side note: if your team is confident in your dps you can stack all three together on 10 man and cleave off of Sul onto Frost King, if your dps is up to snuff you can easily outdamage the 5% heal on 10 man and save time and effort that way. My team does this now and it trivializes the fight. If you aren't doing this then remember that the adds Marli spawns are weak to snares, roots, and other ccs before they reach their target to heal/kill.. The shadow ones too, I notice they kiiled some of your members on certain attempts, have the targets kite these when they come out while the other dps cc and burn them, its an instant kill if they reach their target.

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    The most common tactic is BL on the pull and burn down Sul, leave one melee on Sul to interrupt the sandbolt while the other 4 dps deal with kazrajin and marli empowerments and kill him before he gets empowered. Stacking all 3 just seem silly to me keep the frost king on top of Sul for cleaves and Marli on the other side.

    Make sure your shammy uses grounding totem with the glyph on kazrajin it's amazing.

    If you lack dps to burn down Sul you can also deal with the sandstorm by all moving to one side and have the tanks between the adds and the raid, melee and tanks making sure to get out of the sandtraps asap when the adds die. But killing Sul before this happens makes the fight sooo much easier.
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    also consider using only 1 tank on the sul zerg strat if you have DPS issues

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    The damage that your tank takes while stunned isn't much different than when he isn't stunned we found in our group, so we just have him tank Sul and Malakk and our warrior tanks Marli across the circle. Our druid tank pumps out a hefty amount of DPS from tanking both of the adds, and his vengeance is maintained even when he is stunned so even though he loses 15 seconds of DPS uptime, he hits even harder when he breaks out. We have 2 range kill the Loa Spirit and everyone is on Sul for the full lust duration (me doing disc DPS and our monk fistweaving) before we have the range and myself break out the empowers. With our group's DPS Sul usually dies about 75% through the 2nd empower. If you can kill him then you basically have a free kill.

    As far as raid damage you are taking, our warrior tank on Marli tries to get as many Wrath of the Loa casts and uses his shockwave to stun the Loa Spirits. Our rogue, warrior and druid tank cycle interrupts for Sul to keep outgoing raid damage at a minimum so that the monk and myself can focus on doing more DPS. Pop lust and your prepots and everything on the pull and you should be able to finish Sul off before he empowers. It is worth noting that taking 5-6 seconds of the Dark Power to kill Sul before he empowers will be worth it, as opposed to letting him go into Sandstorm.


    Our logs for our council kill this week with 2 tanks and 3 healers.

    EDIT: I like your disc priest's name... He is gunna kill Pioneer Paul...
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    We had the same problem, change strategy.

    BL on pull, burn sul, swap to Frost King when he's around 55 power (adjust depending your dps), let a melee non stop on sul to interrupt as much as possible (his bolt are what keeps the raid damage high).
    Continue multi dot Sul and dps whichever is empowered, switching to them when needed.

    Sul should die very fast and never be empowered. Problem solved .

    Good luck .

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad View Post
    Make sure your shammy uses grounding totem with the glyph on kazrajin it's amazing.
    When was the last time you tried this? I've heard that it doesn't work anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmearcampain View Post
    When was the last time you tried this? I've heard that it doesn't work anymore.
    Still used this every week, if its not working anymore none of us noticed it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eihwaz View Post
    Still used this every week, if its not working anymore none of us noticed it .
    Well sh*t, looks like I'll have to get the shaman in my raiding team to do this. Just out of curiosity (since I've never played shammy), does he just drop it next to Kazra'Jin, or does he drop it near the people DPS'ing him?

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    My understanding is that Shaman totem only works for the grp he is in, not whole raid. So in 10 put 4 DPS with Shaman grp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmearcampain View Post
    Well sh*t, looks like I'll have to get the shaman in my raiding team to do this. Just out of curiosity (since I've never played shammy), does he just drop it next to Kazra'Jin, or does he drop it near the people DPS'ing him?
    I just call it when Kazra goes into Blanka mode and he drops it, never noticed anything special so I guess you just have to drop it anywhere

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    Our first kill came with three healers.

    Our 2nd kill came on a night when we only had two healers on and we were surprised at how much easier it was. Pop Hero/BL, pre pot and go to town on Sul for the fist 30 Dark Power before switching to Malak. Leave 2 dps on Sul until Kazra gets possessed. If he's the second, have the dps go back to Sul afterwards, if he's third chances are Sul's already dead or about to die.

    Another note, we have one tank with Malak and Sul and the other with Marli on the other side of the circle. Have an interrupt rotation with the dps on Sul and most of your raid damage will come from when Kazra gets possessed. Just be ready for spikey damage if you choose to rotate Malak between the tanks during Frozen Blows.
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    My guild lusts at the start and everyone burns him for the majority of the lust duration. We then have our Warrior and myself(Brewmaster Tank) stay on him full time and he's dead before he empowers. The fight then becomes a joke.

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