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    Necrotic nerf 5.3 time to reroll?


    Seems like necro was "bugged" for us and next patch it will be fixxed doing the actual absorb amount it was intended to do.....lol...

    Seems like all DK's in PvP have to go frost now or reroll some other class

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    "My class's broken mechanic is getting fixed so it won't carry me to a 1400 rating anymore. QQ. Have to go Mage or quit the game because I couldn't pvp my way out of a level 10 battleground."

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    Locking this because it is completely untrue. As the 2nd response in that thread indicates, this is a ptr only bug.

    In addition, one could test ingame quite easily to see this isn't the case.

    Necrotic Strike on a dummy

    Necrotic Strike tooltip

    Necrotic Strike on a player ( no pvp gear)

    I didn't take one of the player's tooltip but you can see my buffs. Only difference is horn of winter and yet you get if you multiply the first tooltip ( unmodified by resil) of 47766 by .6 ( base resil now) you get almost exactly the number that appeared on the player. ( It isn't exact because again, horn of winter.)

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