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    An addon that shows people who stood in fire?


    I'm looking for an addon that will shout at the end of the fight who messed up, didn't move out of stuff etc...

    Our guild is having some trouble getting progression, mainly because of many silly mistakes that could easily be avoided. But on messy fights like Council, sometimes it's hard to see who is not doing their job well! We have already tried to talk to people and ask them for more concentration on the fights, but apparently that's not enough. Our last resource would be writing the names of who contribuited to the wipe after each fight. I guess no one likes to see their name in the "baddies" list! Maybe people will pay more attention then.

    So any suggestions?

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    I believe that is what you are looking for.

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    Maybe if a sound told them to get out of the bad stuff, They could react better... there's a lot of spells, etc that hide the bad stuff so Instead of a "baddie List" ..have them download GTFO. It has helped me immensely.

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    As Tehstool pointed out PhoenixStyle is the thing you need. It is exactly what you are looking for.
    Also it shows not only mistakes after the fight, but it shows some fails during the fight. It also shows why a person has died.

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    +1 to GTFO. The penalizing sound of siren still works for me even though it's been months I've been using it (unlike DBM warnings that half I miss...).

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    GTFO will also show you who hasn't got it.

    Not that you need it. You can just ask your healers who keeps standing in shit.

    There's really no excuse for not having GTFO. Nothing else tells you with quite as much force that it's time to move your ass.

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    The only reason I could have a use for GTFO is if I'm watching TV while raiding or just sleeping.
    And GTFO is an addon for personal use. What he needs as a raid leader is Phoenixstyle. It shows much more than just who stands in fire.
    There are many more types of mistakes. Including not only personal mistakes but fails of the entire raid. I will give you an example with Tsulong encounter, that is the one that I currently recall. Phoenixstyle shows max stacks for people in night phase - so you don't blame the healers when someone dies, he just may had a lot of stacks. For day phase - it shows how much time it took to dispell Terrorize - so you can blame your healers for the amount of hp lost and you will need to dps again in night. And so on ..

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    Thank you guys, I'll be trying out PhoenixStyle tonight, and will suggest people to get GTFO

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