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    Spec based on weapons obtained.

    I am one of these fortunate rogues that is having no luck getting a dagger above 463 item level.

    I am currently using MH- Spiritsever 496
    OH - Masterwork Ghost Shard
    I am Assassination currently.

    My question is. If I was able to obtain a fist weapon/axe etc 483 item level or more, would it be a bigger dps increase for me to go Combat, rather than staying Assassination and using a 463 dagger.


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    check out shadowcraft and see for youself.

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    Apart from numbers applied to your character directly: off-hand DPS is actually fairly low on the list of assassination-spec priorities. It's more of a stat-stick, and yes, you're missing out on stats with a 463, but no more than if you're still using 463 bracers. It's not that big of a deal. Your main-hand weapon is far more important - Shadowcraft should explain how much.

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