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    Pros/Cons/Advice 2H or 3H H Horridon

    This week my guild has decided that we're going to take some attempts on heroic Horridon. My question for people that are working on it and have downed it. Do you find it easier to 2 heal or 3 heal this fight?

    Our Raid make up:

    Tanks: DK

    Dps: Rogue

    Heals: Disc Priest
    H Pally
    R Druid

    2 healing the druid would switch from heals to boomkin.

    also any other advice concerning this would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Generally, for progress this is a good way to go at it: start with the max amount of healers. If healing seems managable or else dps seems too low, drop a healer.

    I believe on our early kills we used 3 healers, a monk, holydin and disc priest, but I can't be 100% sure.

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    2 heals, otherwise is gonna be more difficult because you won't have enough dps to kill soon the adds. The only important thing is to interrupt well in door 2 (assign dps to each one) and dispel properly in each door (shammy can dispel curses on door 4, e.g.)

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    If your 2 healers are strong and your raiders move out of things immediately 2 healing should be your go to. Our healers dps sets were lacking so we stuck with 3 healing because it wasn't that much of a gain. It definitely made killing adds harder on our first kill, but its definitely doable.

    Also, tank damage is immense. Be prepared.

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    There is absolutely no reason to 3-heal this fight. Even with people standing in stuff and no one interrupting anything, there is not enough damage to justify a 3rd healer. And, most critically, you have a disc priest on a fight that is arguably disc's best of the tier (damage buff + atonement), so you should 2-heal.
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    We did 3 heal, both 2 monks HPally and monk/disc priest/hpally.

    We just did it cuz we found that we could manage the enrage and it'd make it alot easier in terms of dispels and everything.
    You need strong dps to do 3 heals though, since it'll be pretty tight on some of the adds
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    2 healing makes more sense because more DPS means less adds means less damage.

    The only reason to 3 heal would be if your DPS are just good enough to beat the add thresholds with 1 less person. If that's the case then more power to you.

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    It's definitely do-able with 3 healers, with 2 it's no doubt possible, but you want at least one to be a disc priest, if the other is a holy pally, you'll have no problem at all with 2 healers (which I see your comp has). That being said, if you have 6 dps, I'd strongly recommend lusting on the 4th door instead of on the warlord, you can usually just pop dps pots and burn him down (plus he won't live long enough for the full blood lust). Healers that can help out with interrupts here or there are huge for this fight too.

    My tips here:

    Make sure *everyone* is using a macro for the dino, the fight becomes a lot easier.... also add in the /targetlasttarget (which I forgot to do).

    First door is a joke - no need for major dps CD's, you can use minor ones though if they'll be up for the second door. Mass dispel for the dots helps, beyond that no big issues.

    Second door - the first venom mancer that drops needs to be burned asap, before it can spawn an effusion, ideally this would be a good time to start using some big dps CD's. Once 2 pop up, hopefully those CD's are still up (or you saved a few) burn down one while your horridon tank picks up the other one (for interrupts, plus he will do decent dps to it) - if the one you picked is burnt down before it two has an effusion, this door is not very difficult.... really just a dps check (then again this whole fight is).

    Third door - starts getting tricky, the warlord's are not easy to burst down, you want the first one dead, or very close to dead before the next two come out though, otherwise that tank will be taking A LOT of damage. The diseases here are brutal, anyone that can help dispel here by all means should. My group had one ranged dps focus on the smaller adds while everyone else bursted down the warlords, it's very important here that you be smart about your path from this door to the 4th, as warlord's will be up for a long time and you definitely don't want frost orbs floating around the 4th door. Dps gotta keep a keen eye on their CD's here and use them when they look good.

    Fourth door - my group decided to use blood lust here when the second set of bears dropped - yours may be different. It helped because things get very chaotic, obviously though the dps here needs to be high, and interrupts on the fire casters are just as important as they are on the bear riders. It doesn't hurt to have one melee focus strictly on fire casters any time they are up here. Beyond that, anyone that can decurse *must* do so, this door isn't as bad as the one with the diseases, but it can still be pretty rough.

    Beyond that, save dps pots for Jalak, if your dps timed their CD's well, you probably won't need lust here. Beyond tank damage, the boss does that aoe damage every minute, so healing shouldn't be too bad, but the tank REALLY get their asses kicked at this point. That being said, you can usually use a couple of your survival CD's for jalak - and make sure you got at least one lock stone for this part. If your group takes a 4th shout from him, some will likely die unless they are very good with their survival CD's.

    That's how my group did it at least, hope this all helps, this boss will definitely take a lot of attempts (took our group about 40 to 50) but it was great seeing him finally die.

    Third door -

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    2 heal holy paly disc priest. Ability to BOP tank stacks and disc priest to afk smite spamming for 100k hps after door one.
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    definately go the 2 heal method. the faster the adds die the better. trust me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Generally, for progress this is a good way to go at it: start with the max amount of healers. If healing seems managable or else dps seems too low, drop a healer.

    I believe on our early kills we used 3 healers, a monk, holydin and disc priest, but I can't be 100% sure.
    In my opinion it's better to do it the other way. Start with 2 healers and if it really is unbearable then you try with a 3rd. It's much easier to know you need a 3rd healer than to know if you are able to drop a healer.

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    Problem with this is, you need to filter out all the pala tank cheesers who think it is just as faceroll without one.

    Our 520 geared DK and warrior tank got 1 shot so many times its unreal. In the end we just went 3 healers and waited for a try we had RNG on our side.
    Kinda sad the doors felt like normal mode and still waiting on RNG to get the kill.
    Get a pala tank if you really want to kill this.

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    How does tanks getting 1-shot change how many healers you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalmah View Post
    How does tanks getting 1-shot change how many healers you need?
    It weren't true 1 shots, more 700k hit, then a melee would finish it off. With 3 healers you would have some more chance for a healer to actually get a heal in before he died.

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    I see no reason you can't 2 heal this.

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    The extra DPS should also significantly limit the amount of raid damage going out, 2 heal it.

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