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    Glitch with Dungeon finder?

    Ok, so here is whats up.
    Its been a while since I lvled a toon and I started a DK with a friend, we went through every BC and wrath dungeon with no issues.
    Now we are 81ish and we are trying to specific que for Duneons with quests that we can do - i.e Blackrock. But when we do this, after the roll check we will get instantly ported to the Dungeon without a group, its just me and him. WTF is that ? I dont know whats up and if thats normal. And if it is when did that start ? If its not normal do I need to submit a ticket ?

    Any ideas guys ?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Either A: Others in your group accepted and immediately drop after getting into the dungeon.
    or B: It is a bug

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    This has happened to me a few times actually, it was never very consistent though and I didn't have any success pinpointing it. At first we thought it was because I was already in the dungeon soloing whilst we were queued but then it started happening outwith that as well.

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    You joined a group already in progress. As you two were loading in, the other 3 members dropped group.

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