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    STOP tunneling Shamans.

    TL;DR Stop tunneling Elemental and Enhance shamans, think about their wife and kids.

    This message goes out to all you damn melee who sit on Elemental and Enhance shamans, rogues deserve a special mention.


    You don't realise what these shamans have to put up every day with their day jobs. They put up with an abusive boss, they barely survive on the minimum wage with just enough money to pay their subscription fee, and the only thing that helps keep their sanity in check is a few casual bgs after a long terrible day at work. And all you melee classes, and mages too, have to specifically target these poor mofos when they just wanna have fun, and ONLY target them the entire bg until they're a pitiful pile of ganked rubbish. Oh I can imagine you guys now, smacking your lips and frothing at the sides of your mouth, eyes glinting with mad glee as you run through 10 of the opposing teams players, just so you can make that shaman your bitch for the next 20 minutes of capture the flag he has to endure.

    I knew a shaman once. He had a promising career. He was a lowly (and lonely may I add) male draenai shaman with a big ambition to make a name for himself in the pvp stage. He worked at a tavern in Stormwind, spending time to level his character and purchase gear from the dirt cheap wages he was earning. Until one day, he gallantly stepped into a bg, only to be garroted, smacked sideways by frost bomb and gutted by a warriors' bloodthirsty axe. And poor Johnny's dream was crushed, left as a pile of mail armor to rot, his spirit wolves abandoning him, with nothing left to live for except his wife and kids. He never entered a bg again.

    So please, everyone. Don't let another Johnny come along and have his dream ripped away from him. Next time you see a defenseless Elemental or Enhancement shaman, think of the wife and kids Johnny needs to support. Think about his minimum wage. And most importantly, think about that shaman trying to enjoy his night after a long shitty day at work.

    P.S. Buff shamans Blizzard (lol)

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    Stop spam purging every magical effect I hold dear, and I will think about it.


    Fire Mage

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    Alright from now on shamans are my prio one kill targets.

    RIP Johnny

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    Hhmm.. I'll think about it.

    Thinking done; I'll continue to tunnel them. Have a good day.

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    Why wouldn't i tunnel a shaman? They can't escape after all.

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    That's true for any caster
    if a rogue decides to right click you and never untarget you, you will have a hard time playing your character

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    You guys don't care about poor Johnny, think about his wife and kids.

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    Aaaaand I'm locking this. Rather pointless thread :/

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