Thread: Weak Auras help

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    Weak Auras help

    Hello. Trying to figure out why this fairly simple one won't work. Its just like the rest, but it's not showing up.

    Trying to get a progress bar for the amount of time Sweeping Strikes is up. Trigger > Aura > Sweeping Strikes > Player > Buff

    Other progress bars like this work, but this one doesn't seem to be. I've got in combat off so I can check it.
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    Not at home so its kind of hard to help.. but did you say in combat off? Shouldn't you have it at least checked off for when you are in combat? Check all your load conditions and make sure nothing is checked that shouldn't be.

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    Maybe it's only loaded when you are in a different class/spec? I've ha dthat happen quite a few times.

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