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    Fishing while laying down.

    Has anyone else noticed you can do this? I was fishing and then got pulled away for a while, and when I returned and resumed fishing I cast before realizing I was sitting down. So I did /sleep, and sure enough you can also cast from that position as well. Not a lot of practical application, unless you're trying to get Old Ironjaw/Old Crafty perhaps and you'd like to obscure yourself a bit, but found it interesting nonetheless.

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    you can walk in IF from the front door and no one will give a shit unless you start screaming in orcish

    Org might be a little more difficoult but there are a few spots when people won't see you unless looking for bobbers in the water
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    I didn't know you could sleep while fishing! I guess magic really is limitless, isn't it? :P
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    Been able to do it since 2007 at least, and hearthstone while sleeping. It's a common trick while fishing in the opposing factions city to be less visible.
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