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    Haven't played since HC 5.1, what should I buy first from Valor vendor?

    Haven't played since HC 5.1, what should I buy first from Valor vendor? Have about half HC gear and normal gear. Have been inactive since we killed Shekzeer HC. So I'm wondering what upgrades to go with first and also what should i waste my bonus rolls on first?

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    Buy the item that will be the biggest upgrade.

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    Was looking at the trinket or bracers, would I quickly replace the Valor trinket with LFR/Normal gear?

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    What class/spec are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsteel View Post
    What class/spec are you?
    Warrior or I wouldn't be posting in this forum :/ I'm fury SMF right now.

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    An armory would be nice, hard to make a recommendation without knowing what you're replacing.

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    Check AskMrRobot.com -- They are offering a free trial right now that lasts a week and it has the option to show you what your VP would be best upgraded on.

    Although - As others have stated - You need to post as armory link with your post if you want serious help.
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    I think for most folks the dps trinket would be the best dps/valor.

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    Bracers, Trinket are solid choices. If you have the appropriate amount of rep, waist is good aswell.

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    As someone else said...get whatever is the biggest upgrade. If you don't know what that is, post an armory link. If we don't know what you have, it's kinda hard to make recommendations. I went with the Klaxxi belt first because it was the biggest item level jump I had available to me through valor points.

    It's generally safe to go for the biggest item level jump if the different in item level is pretty significant (also potentially opens up more options for running stuff in LFR if you're still gearing up).
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