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    Iron Qon Soaking - 25m

    We've been putting a lot of time into Iron Qon, and have been running into a few problems.

    Last week we only managed 4-5 pulls, running with around 9 melee, 2 tanks, rest ranged/healers. We went with melee stacking and soaking 2 Unleashed Flames, and rotating ranged groups of 5 to soak one each.

    We had some issues with melee getting instagibbed, which were shrugged off because it was too late to figure it out.

    This week, we were working with the same strat, with less melee. I've since figured out the issue with the instagibs - we're doing 3 melee piles, stacking at the rear. One melee is moving too slow, triggering an additional Unleashed Flame, moving, and by the time it lands, that group is dead.

    So I'm looking into different soaking strats. The information I'm getting is conflicting with numbers provided by the dungeon journal, however.

    5 people taking Unleashed Flame. 2.1 Mil divided by 5 people, should equal out to 420k per person with no mitigation. Second hit should be 525k. Our ranged cant seem to handle that much damage.

    6 people taking 2 each, roughly 440k on the second hit. Seems managable.

    I'm being told that 5 people can take up to 6 stacks. Other people are telling me 3 is manageable without cooldowns. I guess my question is, are either of these strats particularly viable? Should cooldowns be popped for a third?

    Any advice is helpful.

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    Normal or heroic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reglitch View Post
    Normal or heroic?
    Sorry, 25m Normal

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    The way we do it.

    8 melee in two groups of 4 on each side of the boss.
    1 ranged group of 4.

    Once we're set to start soaking the tank not tanking joins one of the melee groups and takes two stacks.
    Next, once the other tank is done soaking and comes back and taunts, the other tank joins the second melee group and takes two stacks.
    Then we have one ranged join the group of 4 ranged to take 2 stacks.

    By this time group ones debuffs have fallen off or will be close to falling off.

    Rinse repeat til fire add is dead.

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    Its not to hard... and we even manage to do it with lots of melee. What we do is setup 3 groups of 8 people in each group. 2 range groups and 1 melee group. The boss only throws the Unleashed flame at the 5 players that are the closest to each other.

    So at the start of the fight we have the first group, which is range, which we call the blue group, which we mark. Right as the 3rd stack applies we have the blue group spread and the 2nd group, range group, which we call the green group, stack. This happens simultaneously. Then the same is done for the third group, which is the melee group. After melee gets their three stacks, the spread and blue stacks again to repeat the cycle.

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    Have more people stack up, and don't bother having either take many stacks in a row. It's not needed on normal. We use somewhere between 7-10 people in each of 2 stack groups and go up to 3 stacks of the debuff. It's a joke to heal through.

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    We had a pretty simple method:

    - All melee stack up on a marked melee and take 4 stacks (while ranged spread out)
    - All ranged stack up on a marked ranged in a designated spot and take 3 stacks (you have to count and make sure that all ranged+ all healers > all melee+tanks, which is fine, because your ranged + healers would be 14 vs 11 melee+ tanks)
    - A spear will hit ranged as you're all soaking #2, just move to the right as a group

    - Melee's stacks should've fallen off by 3, ranged spread out and melee takes the rest (depending on your DPS there should be 2-6 more stacks going out).

    - Make sure you Lust on the pull.
    - More Melee is better on this fight

    If 4-3-4 isn't enough, and melee go up to 5-6 stacks towards the end:
    - Cloak of Shadows, Divine Shield, Divine Shield via Feral Symbiosis, Ice Block can all reset your stacks.
    - AMS, Deterrence can prevent an application of the stack (just pop them right as the boss hits 30 energy)
    When in doubt, just have melee take more stacks cause honestly...

    Our heroic strat is to have 12 melee (and 2 mistweavers standing in melee), and they take 13 stacks in a row while ranged spreads out the whole fight....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windry View Post
    When in doubt, just have melee take more stacks cause honestly...

    Our heroic strat is to have 12 melee (and 2 mistweavers standing in melee), and they take 13 stacks in a row while ranged spreads out the whole fight....
    Ours, too. You only have to burn it down to 25%, though, and I imagine you're saving lust for the last phase. Could be quite rough in normal.

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