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    Gaming Rune of Reorigination as BM

    I've been messing around with the Lei Shen trinket and I had an idea about how to game it for an advantage but I need help testing it. When the trinket procs, I get about 60% crit which is nice but if I have to cast cobra shot during the proc it takes forever. With my gear right now, I see no difference in DPS between using focus fire or leaving the buff on my pet. My idea was to set up an aura for the trinket proc then use focus fire for the haste boost and only for the trinket. This would replace the missing haste making cast time shots not so painful. For my character this results in losing 3k mastery and gaining a little bit of haste and 26k crit.

    So my question is, does anyone know how I could simulate this idea in simcraft or run it through female dwarf. I am not familiar enough with them to do so myself.

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    I believe in order to do it with Simcraft or Femaledwarf it would actually need to be programmed in to have an option to cast Focus Fire during Rune proc. I don't even know how accurate it would be to Sim it if you could because of how Sims are currently acting with RPPM trinkets (ie. being incredibly inaccurate).

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    How would you know if RPPM is being modeled inaccurately? From what I've seen, the variance on proc uptime is so large that all the players in wow combined couldn't produce enough in game data to statistically compare the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webwierdo View Post
    How would you know if RPPM is being modeled inaccurately? From what I've seen, the variance on proc uptime is so large that all the players in wow combined couldn't produce enough in game data to statistically compare the results.
    That's exactly what I am saying. The proc rate is so stupid and varies to much that it's impossible to sim accurately.

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    In Simulationcraft you can set up the profile to only cast abilities if you have a certain buff. If you check the wiki there are probably some examples there. It's not possible on my site because I have to add special code to support things of this nature, which I only usually do if it's already proven it's worth doing.

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    I used this
    I'm not sure if that is doing what I think it should do though if anyone can comment on it. If that is using Focus Fire only when the Rune procs, then it works out to a DPS loss of 5k over using Focus Fire normally with the Rune equipped. Intuitively that doesn't make much sense to me. I was thinking it just wouldn't have a large enough effect to make it worth using over other trinkets but not an actual loss. Using it normally, Focus Fire was used 6 times. Using it only when Rune procs, Focus Fire was used 10 times. This made me think using Focus Fire below 5 stacks is leading to the DPS loss. I ran the simulation again using
    This gave me the error "Acceptable values for 'five_stacks' are '1' or '0'"
    I tried switching the conditions around
    This caused the program to crash. Anyone have any idea how to make simulation craft use Focus Fire only with 5 stacks and only when Rune procs?
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    I don't know much about making action lists in SimCraft, this is just based on my computer programming background and years of reading different syntaxes. I don't think you can use "&" to append things to check on the end because they're two different fields. Basically, five_stacks refers to focus_fire specifically (hence why it doesn't need the "if") and everything after the 2nd comma is an additional parameter.

    So it's basically:


    Make sure you're disabling

    B	10.19	focus_fire,five_stacks=1
    V	0.00	focus_fire,five_stacks=1,if=!ticking&!buff.beast_within.up
    as well.

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    P.S. As far as I can tell, that sim is running FocusFire as soon as it hits 5 stacks, which would be...bad.

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    Or it very well might be that five_stacks is just a specific variable SimCraft is tracking....you know, the frenzy stacks on the pet.

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    If anyone was curious. It comes out to a 3k loss over not waiting for the rune proc to use Fouse Fire. I'm not really sure why and don't know how to go any further in my analysis. Bad juju is a 6k increase over Rune anyways.

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    If Simcraft is unable to increase dps with Rune under optimal dps times (it doesn't look like you were using react as Lokrick suggested on EJ), then with human reaction times, the performance in BM is likely even worse. I no longer plan on testing this Rune/BM/FF on our cleanup night. Thanks for reporting your Simcraft results.

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