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    1000 (1320 for me, I'm an alchemist) agi will result in more healing from healing rain than the elixirs, easily.

    Keep in mind, when offhealing like this, you HAVE to let MSW stack to 5, so you're wasting some MSW stacks anyway, extra haste just means more wasted stacks, unless it hits a breakpoint for an extra healing rain tick, and the ONLY reason we would care about the breakpoint is because we are NOT sustaining healing rain 100% of the time. (Enhancement PvE) (Boomkin/Guardian, PvE)

    No, I'm not the real Alamo, just a guy who liked his work.

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    To be perfectly honest, I have not tried conductivity. However, with the amount of AoE healing we already do I think it's more valuable to have some burst healing in your kit as opposed to more sustained healing.

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    agi is better then haste for healig (55% next patch 65% Ap = SP)
    Conductivi is crap talent beous its heal all target in Healing rain by 50% amout of damage deal by LB CL SS ES so for me as i play haste EM/PE build thous abilities do like 20% of total damage so it change 10% of you damage to HP spread among targets that are in HR

    AG is much better talent becous it proc from you damage and healing so if you DPS boss and you healing by healing rain for 10 sec you change 120% og you damage to HPS and 180% of you HPS to more HPS spread among targets

    basicly AG+DPS cds+HR+everyone stacked= most OP Healing CD in game

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    Perhaps I read the wrong thing into it, but I thought someone had a fairly convincing post about conductivity plus HR being useful, in certain fights.

    If not, then good, because I greatly prefer the burst from AG, while still being able to drop HR, when I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchetman240 View Post
    I'm elemental with resto offspec, running 10 man. My guild will not let me swap to resto due to the loss of DPS they'd need to cover. Even on fights where I shouldn't be all that high I'm finishing top 3, and in the majority of fights I'm finishing #1 (yes, single target). Usually the logic follows that "you must run with terrible DPS", but from my perspective elemental is outstanding right now.
    I would be interested to know what classes your running with. From your perspective Elemental is performing well. To the higher echelon of Elemental Shamans they are seriously lagging behind equally skilled and geared classes.

    Im not going to post numbers of my own because each raid group obviously varies on skill and gear, but in our 10 man group we are noticing a very different thing to what you described.

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    I don't know about Elemental, but our Enhancement Shaman is a beast!

    That's Tuesday's logs. We just started heroics, and made some stabs at Jin'rokh. Insane burst is an understatement. In one attempt, his "in pool" burst DPS almost hit the 1 million mark. The rest of the fights he gives me a run for my money, and I'm not perfect, but I'm no slouch either (Raves in the logs). He keeps saying he needs a buff, but I just don't see it.

    Of course, I'm still waiting on my 4 pc, and off hand and another trinket, but still. So that will probably bring me back above him, but we are even ilvl other than that. I've seen him play elemental with an equivalent skill level, so tbh, I don't think I would hesitate to bring a well played shaman to a group, buffs or no buffs.

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