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    Dinged lvl 80 a few days ago, Where to start?


    Like the topic states, What to do? I´ve dome a few Exp runes for coins. Ending up buying some stuff like
    [Ghastly Greatsword of Accuracy]

    And the full Yellow Berzerker armor from WWW for Karma. But what to do? when ever I run instances I never get any good "upgrade" from drop and it seems all the items except molten is worse than my current set.

    So what to do? Where do I start

    Another question is regarding the Mystic forge

    I have done some reaserch and I have the mats for the weapon which is as good as the Molten sword, is it worth to get or should I ust wait for the Molten sword::

    Thanks in before hand.


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    In short, Magic Find and Cursed Shore. Grind events keeping an eye on the chat for where to go next. This is a great way to make gold and because stacking MF increases droprates you will find it quite addictive

    Save all your greens and then mystic forge them. Either collect the yellows and mystic forge them or salvage them for mats that you sell on the trading post. Remeber to use a high quality salvage kit.

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    It's been a while since I've logged in so things might be different now, but off the top of my head:

    1. Find out what you actually want to pursue.
    2. Collect all the skill-points
    3. Work towards map-completion (good rewards too)
    4. Select a role or build you want to focus on.
    5. Find the stats that go best with your preferred build.
    6. Find an armor that offers you these stats and also appeals to you visually.
    7. Grind that set by either running explorable Dungeons, farming Karma and Loot in the Cursed Shore or doing WvW PvP.
    8. Learn about the game and perfect your play-style.
    9. Experiment with various rune-combinations and weapon-enhancements in sPvP and pick whichever you prefer.
    10. Once you feel confident with your build and have the appropriate gear you can start grinding through the Fractals of the Mist to earn the Ascended Rings.

    PS: Always try to complete your daily achievement for Lorels.

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    Ah, I remember how lost I was when I got my first lvl80.

    Item qualities and relative strength

    Quality name Item color Levels available Relative Strength1
    Junk Gray N/A N/A
    Basic White 1-80 100%
    Fine Blue 1-80 125%
    Masterwork Green 14-80 135%
    Rare Yellow 30-80 145%
    Exotic Orange 62-80 165%
    Ascended Pink 80 175% (est.2)
    Legendary Purple 80 165%3
    1 Ratio between like items, compared to the stats for basic (white) items. The scaling applies to armor levels, weapon damage, and inherent attribute bonuses; it does not affect upgrade components. Actual numbers will differ slightly due to rounding and there are very small number of exceptions, i.e. items that do not follow the ratio.
    2 Estimated for future content, based on comparison with existing trinkets.
    3 When ascended weapons are added to the game, Legendary items will be upgraded to match their relative strength.

    Item nomenclature aka names of stat combinations
    Attributes Standard
    Gemstone Craftable
    Major[1] Minor Minor
    Power Precision Critical Damage Berserker's of the Berserker Ruby
    Power Toughness Vitality Soldier's of the Soldier [2]
    Power Vitality Critical Damage Valkyrie of the Valkyrie Beryl
    Precision Power Toughness - of the Knight Emerald[3]
    Precision Power Condition Damage Rampager's of the Rampager Coral
    Toughness Power Precision Knight's - Emerald[3]
    Toughness Power Critical Damage Cavalier's - -
    Toughness Boon Duration Healing Power Giver's (armor) - - armor
    Vitality Power Healing Power - of the Shaman -
    Vitality Condition Damage Healing Power Shaman's - [2]
    Condition Damage Power Vitality Carrion of Carrion Chrysocola
    Condition Damage Precision Toughness Rabid of the Rabid -
    Condition Duration Precision Vitality Giver's (weapon) - - weapons
    Boon Duration Healing Power Magic Find - of Winter Snowflake trinkets
    Healing Power Power Toughness Cleric's of the Cleric Sapphire
    Healing Power Precision Vitality Magi's of the Magi -
    Healing Power Toughness Condition Damage Apothecary's of the Apothecary Passiflora[4]
    Magic Find Power Precision Explorer's of the Explorer Opal
    Magic Find Power Condition Damage Traveler's - -
    Magic Find Toughness Vitality Wayfarer's - -
    Small[5] Bonus to: (Celestial)[6] - -

    1. ^ A "major" bonus is 40% bigger than a "minor" bonus for a given equipment type, except for jewels, where the major bonus is 67% bigger.
    2. ^ a b Though the "Soldier's" and "Shaman's" prefixes have no associated gemstones, the Emerald Pendant and Sapphire Pendant (respectively) offer the same stats that a hypothetical exotic crafted amulet with those prefixes would have.
    3. ^ a b Emeralds have Precision as their primary stat when used as an upgrade, but a piece of jewelry crafted from Emeralds has Toughness as its primary stat.
    4. ^ Jewelry with Apothecary's stats can be crafted using Passion Flowers and gets the prefix "Passiflora".
    5. ^ The "small" bonus is 5/8 the size of a "minor" bonus for numerical attributes (critical damage and magic find are larger)
    6. ^ Prefix inferred from the similar PvP Amulet; all items raising 8 attributes have unique names.

    Personally I test what kind of gear is good for me with rares and then go to exotics (can I play with full berserker or do I want to throw some soldier gear to get more survivability?, etc). When you have selected what kind of stats you want, you are ready to go for exotic version of that gear (I also swap exotics. I have sets for dungeons, wvw and solo pve)

    Guides for gear
    Now you want to know where to get those items. Check these guides:
    - Comprehensive GW2 Endgame gearing guide
    - GW2 Temple/God karma armor sets
    - GW2 Ascended gear and infusion recipes
    - Different gear looks and where to get them (for transmuting)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iryne View Post
    Ah, I remember how lost I was when I got my first lvl80.
    Thanks for the good links. While I'm not totally lost, I definitely was wondering some of the same things that the links iterated on. I have never been a fan of dulfy in any capacity, but I like the way the information is presented regarding gearing up so I think I'll peruse it a bit when I get home.

    Getting groups is kinda a nightmare, even with the lfg website, but meh. I'll probably have to focus on crafting my gear as running dungeons isn't completely viable to someone starting so late without a solid guild or server for that matter.

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    Try doing some of the dragons or chest events (http://guildwarstemple.com/dragontimer/ or http://gw2stuff.com). They have decent loot and don't take very long to complete. They are normally quite fun and quick. Jormag is a much longer fight.

    I personally alternate between the odd dungeon or fractal, world events and exploring. I also go into WvWvW late at night when its quiet. You can make quite a difference there. It's quite easy for a few people to hold back 10 or 20 trying to get into a keep. Very satisfying.

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