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    Who else wants Cho to stick around?

    Who else wants Lorewalker Cho to follow Alliance and Horde campaigns from now on wherever they go? Once we finish up with Pandaren lore in MoP, just have him be a chronicler of the rest of the world or whatever worlds we go to in the future.

    I really like Lorewalker Cho and want to see him stay relevant to the story. If they aren't going to bring up Aysa or Ji in the future after MoP we'll need someone to keep the Pandaren relevant as a race, and I like Cho more than either of them anyway.

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    Yeah he should pop up in the future and replace brann from time to time.
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    Well Brann can still discover the past, but I want Cho to record the present like he's doing in 5.3.

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    I don't care about him either way. If I never see him again after MoP, it wouldn't bother me at all.

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    He and Brann should get married. To show Blizzard's support for it's legalization in the US!

    J/k. But really, i don't like any NPC i have to talk too, to get anything started fight wise. Arthas, Brann, That guy in FRK.

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    Yeah i support Cho! lets have Brann handling the past stuff and Cho documenting the present.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Combatbulter View Post
    Yeah he should pop up in the future and replace brann from time to time.
    I would rather have Wrathion place Brann, his snarky comments about Dwarves randomly pressing buttons makes me smile.

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    Easily, Lorewalker Cho has become my favorite NPC in Mists; I would love for him to hang out
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    I would love Cho to be around longer if Jim Cummings is involved, give more Winnie the Pooh

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    Yeah I'd love to see him stay around and pop in with some story telling now and again, I love the scrolls you hand into him and get the little visual story telling scenes

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    I do. I was sad to read he probably wouldn't be a part of other expansions.

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    I would like that, as others mentioned before he could be a chronicler for all events to come. Maybe he could have a shrine/tempel in the coming expansion, similar to the one he has now. Where we can stash objects that are tied to the lore and come back everytime we want to hear about them.

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    Even if Cho isn't around, I hope Jim Cummings does more voice acting for Lore characters.
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    Imo, Brann should be replaced by Cho. From a Horde perspective following Brann around sucks, the guy and his Explorer's league are too Alliance focused.

    Cho is at least a truly Neutral character both factions can get behind as needed for content.

    I'd much prefer it if Brann goes back to the Alliance as their Archy representative and Horde gets an equivalent representative from the reliquery.

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    I like Cho. While he isn't quite the fighter that Chen is, he seems adventurous and interested in the events that go on throughout the world.

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    Cho and Brann continue to search Azeroth for things of the past and present.

    I would love too see them both stick around together !
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    I agree on both of them! Hope they stick together forward too!

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    Brann makes me facepalm every time i do HoS - he just has to touch things he doesn't know a thing about
    For him, everything is a Titan artifact even that goblin machine in northrend he did not know that it was a bomb hence there was written Seaforium on it.

    But he makes me lol from time to time

    I want more Nesingwary and DEHTA rivalry (nesingwary ftw)
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    He is my buddy.

    (Technically he's my PC's buddy my point still stands)

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    Considering he is the worst voice acter ingame, no thank you.

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