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    All LFR runs:

    Ran MSV, got 1 sigil that I needed.
    Ran 2 of the 4 ToT wings, got nothing.

    It's all good though, I really am more concerned with getting my sigils so I can continue the Wrathion stuff. My gear is more than adequate for LFR as is, and I'm already a bit tired of these encounters, so will probably drop down to just running 2 ToT wings each week and hoping for the best as far as Secrets go.

    /highly suspect that I won't get the Wrathion quest line finished.
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    Dinged L90 this thuesday on my paladin so I did do the first 2 LFR before reset and got 2 items out of 6, its okey I guess now when they buffed the droprate "greatly". Next day I started with the dailies in Isle of Thunder which prompted me 2 Elder Coins, looted a chest with 3 Elder Coins and Epic Key to the scenario were I got 14 other Elder Coins.

    So I went onto the old LFR hoping to be having a great time with all the loot I will collect now when they've upped the droprate on the chance to get anything in there, I mean 15 boss rolls and 19 coins! So my freshly dinged paladin has 31 chances at loot, AWESOME!

    Aaaaaand I get 8 items out of 33. Kinda dissapointed, oh well.
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    Same nothing but failbags. even on alts. Starting to take it personal seeing as how lfr is my only way to get gear period.
    Guild loot system isn't fair by any standards either.

    I feel your pain. All I can say is that the rep you gain from LFR ToT will allow you access to ilvl 522 earned by Valor.
    Not seeing ANY LFR Tier pieces drop pisses me off greatly though.

    I have my suspicions that the system is monitored and loot is not randomly distributed.

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    Got my TF shield off primo, bought waist, won offspec tier legs on nalak coin, got pvp cloak from nalak, won tier chest in lfr, offspec offpiece gloves, tanking ring from durumu, offspec cloak, offspec ring. and 4 secrets.

    Total of 12 items. (DE'd 3 lfr items)
    Still got 2 wings lfr left and 3 bosses on normal.

    All in all, a fucking awesome week :P
    (Previous 2 resets i won only 1 item, rng is rng)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post
    I have my suspicions that the system is monitored and loot is not randomly distributed.
    Take off the tinfoil hat lol, RNG is RNG, that means, random will keep being random.
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    Nalak was kindly enough in the first two weeks and drop me a leg T and pvp feet, that was my last loots from any raid of any type :P...
    However, I quit concerning about lootz, back in 5.1 when I cleared all instances (normal raids) with 2 blue weapons (for a DW DK) from the klaxxi rep and haven't seen a single 1H weapon drop... is well known that Rng is Rng no matter what you do, pray, sacrifice... etc. :P

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    Since 5.2 release, I've had 4 LFR items in ToT - Nothing from Oondasta or Nalak, used all my charms on ToT normal with no loot + no loot has dropped for me either on normal!

    That's my luck for you Still sitting at ilvl504, where the rest of the raid is around ilvl510 lol + I'm the raid and guild leader, so it's kind of dissapointing to be the underdog with the gear

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    last 3 id´s my raid got lots of leather and mail to dissenchant, but not really something useful..
    well i got my 2nd T15 chest from bonusroll yesterday :-) 50Gold is more than 28Gold ^^

    btw i do not go LFR, if i do not need the bosses for the q item. loot sux and people are usually well... not good/motivated

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    Was quite lucky this week actually. Finally got a new trinket on my shaman. Even better, HC TF from a coin.
    Though been dry for weeks. On all of my charcters.

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    Uroe, Harbinger of Terror, Spinescale Seal

    I'm not even sure if I'm going to run normal/heroic this tier.
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    Got screwed on Secrets, 19/20 still no meta. But I did bonus roll a Thunderforged Renataki trinket on our first H Jin'rokh kill ever. So that's good

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    heroic bracers from jinrokh, after passing 2 times before. lovely.

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    Got Uroe from Lei Shen (LFR) for both my warrior and DK, was pretty happy! Still have couple of wings to do this week (I'm slacking :P) across my three characters but if I don't get anything else I'm not going to complain.

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    2 secrets and TF mail legs from Horridon so far.

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    i got 4 sigils and 5 loots out of 6 bosses from the old LFR (only needed the bow because was still running around with a 463 and out of 4 possible ranged weapon on the new LFR, not a single one dropped), hopefully in 2-3 weeks i can complete the old legendary step

    only a 502 belt in 3 weeks with the ToT LFR
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    We have 2 bosses to get through on progression before I get to another one that I could possibly get mainspec loot from. And there are only 2 farm bosses that could give me significant upgrades, and to coin them I'd have to go through the hassle of spec switching after each kill. 5.3 will make that nicer.

    I never realized that it would suck to have good loot luck early in a tier.

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    Sitting at 527 right now. Been waiting 2weeks for a TF 1h to drop so I can DW. I have TF Jalak's ATM. Not complaining but would like to go back DW. Also progressing on H Horridon for 2 weeks now kinda sucks, lol.

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    stop quoting me on football, i never read your answers. noobs.
    ive been lucky this week. i got my t15 legs drop from nalak (last week it was hands) on a roll, 502 staff that i can finally transmog into benediction (been waiting years for that ) & a 502 neck.
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    5 secrets
    522 tier gloves and legs
    522 bad mojo trinket
    522 meagera dagger
    522 chest off oondasta
    522 valor belt

    But 3 toons full lfr 36 bosses killed not on piece of loot

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    Horridon pants, then Wushoolay's off coin from council. Also purchased VP chest to upgrade LFR piece I had. These are from normal mode; have not had time this week to do LFR.

    Ele shaman here.

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