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    I've only gotten tier gloves from raid so far in ToT. The other items I've got are all either from world bosses or VP. WTB some leather drops ><

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    Week was poor (not over yet, dark animus to lei shen sunday) so far nothing. Missing helm from dark animus, tier chest (dark animus) and would like the axe from lei shen to drop some hit rating.

    Primordius didn't give me le trinket but can't complain - he gave me a ring and a thunderforged cloak last week.

    Also only got 2 secrets of the empire - stuck on 18, fingers crossed I can get the rest next reset.

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    I used coins 10 times in a row, got 0 items. In 4 weeks so far I've only won the tier legs with the raid loot system, and yesterday I got another item using a coin. So yea, this was a good week already, I'll be happy if I win 1 item per week at this rate.

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    Fire-Charm Helm

    Horridon's Last Grasp (TF)
    Fire-Charm Handwraps (Roll)
    Hood of Smoldering Flesh (TF)

    Won't use the Hood until I get another tier piece. My two-set as a Mistweaver is too important to drop. All-in-all, was a good week.

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    ToT LFR: 2 characters, 30 rolls, 3 drops... no upgrades. ilvl 498 average with no t15 so there's plenty of upgrades available, just shitty luck on getting "side-grades" instead of something useful.

    Edit: And the Sigils of Power are kicking my ass. At this rate there's no way I'm going to catch up on the legendary questline before the expac's done.
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    10 man which means we get only shit.

    always the same token, other stuff is going to be disenchanted.

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    For some reason warrior tokens and shaman gear have loved our raid team since 5.2 normal opened. And with one warrior and one hunter and no shaman the drops have become a complete joke leaving most of our raid without any tokens.

    In review: the drops are crap.

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    back in T14 I went combined lfr and normal modes, sha and galleon a total of 54 consecutive boss kills (+3 tokens per week) without getting a single loot drop.

    As for this week I got the tanking necklace off of twins on my coin roll for the 3rd time in as many weeks and still don't have a helm to put my meta gem into.

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    There's weeks I've gone without anything, with other weeks having more luck. Mostly having issues with finishing up tier sets (for collecting and transmog).

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    I have only done LFR, but I have the worst luck of it continually giving me the same pieces week after week. Makes it difficult to move into other raids.

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    tot lfr - 6 items (4 useless, 1 good and 1 ok)
    tot 6/12 - 1 item (so far)
    nalak - tier legs

    but then again, I had only 1 lfr drop from last 3 weeks. so rng is rng

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    Last week I did Terrace of Endless Spring in LFR and I got 5 drops in just a single run.

    1x - Which I already had
    1x - Which gave me the first set bonus
    1x - Which gave me the possibility to use the off-hand I had been saving
    2x - Dropped from Sha of Fear. I then used a bonus roll to receive the exact same item once more. I sold both.

    From the new ToT I got this from LFR:

    So you could say that it was a pretty lucky week. Usually I can go for a long time without any drops at all.
    My armory:

    According to the 5.3 PTR a protection system will be implemented against a bad luck streak.
    "Protection for bad luck streaks have been added to bonus rolls. Each bonus roll that does not provide loot has a progressively better chance to award loot to the player."
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    today: [Asani's Uncleansed Sandals] [Fear-Blackened Leggings] [Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker] [Helm of the Shadowy Vanquisher] aka loot from every boss in ToES

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    Trinket from jin'rock, tier piece from council, bow from tortos. 2 of these from coins, the bow from actual drop.
    Still got six left to kill.

    I literally reforged everything, and even used STAMINA gems instead of hit, still 800 excess rating.'
    Like really blizzard? Does every weapon and tier piece need to have hit, experise?! Even trinkets have this!

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    Awful. The only upgrade I've gotten was bought w/ VP. I think I won a couple items from LFR but nothing good. All my extra coin rolls this week were gold. Let's hope next week shows a little more love from the loot-gods...

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    Got both heroic tier shoulders and boots form Iron Qon after no loot for over a month almost.

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    HC neck and shoulders from Tortos, normal tier chest token for OS. Need tier gloves before I can use the shoulders though ;(

    Oh yeah, and caster trinket from council and random-roll cloth bracers with crit from Megaera for my Shadow Priest.
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    Both of the hunters in my raid group (myself included) were lucky enough to Coin our tier helms off Consorts this week.

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    This week I finally got a second 1 hander from lfr and 3 or 4 Secrets of the Empire. Last week I pulled 3 tier pieces out of lfr to complete my tier set.

    Guild thinks I'm super lucky for being the first with 4pc. Everyone else in my raid group is 516+ with multiple items from normal, all our dps have 522 weapons and we'll be sharding str/int weapons next week. Since 5.2 hit I've gotten 0 upgrades out of normal/Oon/Nalak. All my 522s are either crafted or VP.

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    Poor, got a piece of my prot pally T15 with a coin from LFR Consorts and that was the only upgrade I got so far. Durumu dropped a 502 ring that wasn't better than either of my current 522 rings and Nalak gave me double gold. My team raids sat/sun so it's not over yet though, saving that last rune for a tier token from council so fingers crossed.

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