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    Ran last 2 wings ToT LFR on my Hunter, got the Crossbow off of Durumu & the tier token off Qon - 3/5 tier now, one more piece for the 4-set! Then ran the 1st Wing on my Rogue main & got an axe of the Council. Not bad, so far...
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    All of LFR, 1 secret. Up to 19/20. Normal? I did H Jinrohk, got a new sword, and then shit after that. Coined a healer ring off Horridon. one that was on his body at the time. -_-.

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    3 secrets and neck from Tortos so far

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    Can't believe I've made it through Heroic Council without even a normal mode trinket.

    Haven't won a single bonus roll in all of Throne, and I'm not the only one apparently. hahahaha

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    Bonus rolled the Heroic TFed Renataki's Soul Charm from Jin'Rokh last night!

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    I got heroic chest, and crafted boots - since the ones off jin'rokh still haven't dropped, also coined triple gold.

    Still doing better than our hunter though, been 8 weeks of throne of thunder, and he is still using a 509 gun, managed to coin everything on tortos/durumu/iron qon, but a weapon -

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    Dark Animus was nice enough to drop a Cha-ye's for me. Got exactly one Secret, should be done with this part of the quest by the time 5.4 rolls around at this rate

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    1 secret of the empire from a full clear. Now sitting at 14. No way I will get the meta even next or the weeks to follow. Luckily got the crazy spirit neck from lei shen. Sadly not a TF.

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    Did all world bosses + coins and 12/12 LFR ToT.

    Got a 502 ring from Maegara, rest gold.

    also still sitting at 5/10 sigils of power, ran 6/6 MSV, and am now at 6/10 sigils of power. So 4 more weeks to go if i keep up with this bad luck streak to finish that Q.

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    I was missing 3 secrets of empire on my monk alt, did full LFR only got 1 .... rng is rng!

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    I need another trinket omg.

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    I didn't get any loot the two weeks before (except Secrets), but T-hands, a headslot and a neckslot-item this week. I only do Nalak and normal ToT.

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    got mine secrets fianly after few weeks and now the new Titan Runestone even but itemwise nothing ...hate that :< and also don't know whats the point of 20 golden charms now for me nowhere to spend them - on mian

    On my alt got 4pairs of pants from 2 wings ...but no tank shield - ffs havent seen a fricking drop of a shield since a gunship fight on ICC - annoying !

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    The loot gods have been nice to me lately. Last week I won Cha-Ye's with a bonus roll, this week I won Breath of the Hydra (just normal loot) and a shoulder upgrade from bonus roll. Only thing I still need to upgrade is my 502 helmet. Oh well, since I can still put the legendary meta in it, I guess I don't have much cause to complain. I just wish we could actually kill heroics.

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    Last week was great for me! I coined my 4th piece of tier and got an off-piece helm, both of which replaced my last two 483 pieces. Was hoping my good luck would continue on our first Lei Shen kill with a thunderforged axe, but to no avail. Now if I could just move past ONE secret in the last two weeks of 11/12+12/12 clears. -.-

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    17/18 Coins Spent = 0 Loot.

    Tonight I have my last coin saved for Iron Qon (H). There better be a friggin Ring, Shouldertoken or shoes in there or I am starting to bitch on the forums! :P

    I knew after last content where i got 9 Heroic pieces in 3 weeks with 9 Rolls that my luck was a little bit too much. i knew they were letting me suffer this content but 17/18 and zero loot is just.. FUUUUUUUUU

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    I got stuck at 19 Secrets after Tuesday LFRs. There's always next week I guess...

    And Renataki hasn't dropped since week 1 when it was terrible.. And I passed on it because it was terrible.. Bleh..

    But.. I got my 5 set two weeks ago with multiple weapons/offset choices to use depending on future upgrades. Can't complain much.
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    Finally got my 4-set bonus as an Arcane mage, and damn my dps sky-rocketed back to first place on Twin Consorts and even Lei Shen. Only 1 Secret left, so hopefully next week I can finish the damn quest.

    Hoping to switch around with some items, since I'm not at the optimal combination of setpieces atm, and got still a TF spirit offhander (it replaced a LFR offhand from HoF).
    Ah well, shouldn't complain too much.

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    3 heroic (535 ilvl) items. Sadly one of them was the badly itemized coin bonus roll.

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    I got a shoulder item from moguvaults. I have better already so \o/

    I must get my arse in gear and get TOT done this week before the reset.

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