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    **SPOILER ALERT**Breaking Bad Ended. Was it the best TV Series ever, for you?

    First of all please avoid typing anything finale episode related!!

    Breaking Bad ended, and from the response I get from my friends or in forums/chats etc. ,people mention ''Breaking Bad was the best TV show ever!! they are sad it finished etc etc''. I watch it as well and yes it is good but to me there has been better ones before. For example, as you can see from my profile picture ''The Sopranos'' was THE one for me. It was the best and the most brilliant script/acting/music/ camera shooting/plot ever. This is my opinion, but all the Emmies the show won kinda prooves my point.

    I am wondering what you think about Breaking Bad? Is it the best for you as well? Or you watched or still watching better ones?
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    The ending was perfect. I watched an interview with Vince Milligan on "Talking Bad" where he talked about how his writing team specifically went over every single loose thread to make sure their finale was as concrete as possible. I like that FAR more than open-ended endings. At least more than those which are like "fade to black," and the Sopranos were brought up on the show (Of course Milligan was playing nicey nice and saying that ending was good too), and I much more prefer Breaking Bad's ending.

    It had everything I wanted. There was resolution to every storyline, and characters acted realistically through until the very end.

    Best show ever? Eh. I find it difficult to ever call most things the definitive "BEST THING EVER!" There are definitely some episodes that weren't as interesting, or that I didn't care about, but I don't know of any show where 100% of every episode is fantastic.

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    Watched a few episodes, but lost interest quickly..

    might wanna put this in general off topic, not wow.

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    Please can a mod move out of Warcraft General Discussion

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    What does this thread and WoW have in common? Nothing..

    OT: Forced myself to watch first 5 episodes, was really boring...

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    The ending was actually perfect wasn't really the ''best'' TV series I wasn't THAT connected to it now as the rest of the family my god yeah I'm 100% sure it was there favorite.

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    I don't watch a lot of TV series so this for me was the best series ever.

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    We have a forum dedicated to Cinema/Books/TV and so on...please post in the Breaking Bad thread there.

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