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    Specs/reforging question

    So I am currently leveling my Warlock. As it seems very fun and an interesting class that I have never played. I want to get back into raiding with this class and have a question regarding Specs.

    Now I have played all 3 specs on my currently 86 Warlock. And all seem quite fun. I mostly enjoy Demo and Destro. Now, my question is it it viable to have both of these specs to use for Raiding? Or is it more beneficial to go Destro/Affliction. Reason I ask this is because from what I have read on a few sites, Demo reforges mostly Haste and then Mastery. And then for Destro, mostly Crit and then Mastery. So when geared, wouldn't I have a problem here? Since Demo would most likely be my Main Spec, if and when I were to change to Destro, I am thinking my dps will tank because I am reforged for Demo.

    So can some experienced Locks shed some light on this for me? I really do not care which 2 specs I want to play, all seem very fun. But I just want to know which 2 are the best to have for ToT without having too many issues as far as stats go. Thanks!

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    I'm using Demo and Destro ATM.

    I'm using the same reforge for both. I'm currently reforged (Haste = Mastery > Crit) this reforge works really well with both specs. But I'm not by all means a pro when it comes to playing a warlock.

    All 3 specs are viable. I would pick the ones you enjoy playing the most and go with those.

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    Yeah I know all three are viable. I've just seen many people using different combos whether it be Aff/Destro Aff/Demo Destro/Demo and just makes me think how to go about my reforging. Since I've read some of the specs go differently.

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