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    sounds really awesome. in order for this game to succeed i think it needs a total revamp of how people look at the game.

    i really like the idea of a support class, as someone earlier mentioned, sort of like a shaman or enchanter was in eq.

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    Its good I agree, they should aloso make unholy into more of a ranged class while they are at it, with strong use of pets and more ranged strikes like infest for example.

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    Man I wish they would do something like this, really wish they would, but I admit I think its a very very low chance. I agree with another person, they were too unwilling to allow an energy based healer with monks, which would have been an amazing idea. IIRC they didn't want this because a healer that had a quickly regenerated resource would be too strong mixed with healers that had to worry about mana (a large slow to regen resource). Maybe if they revamped disc, fistweaver, and this to be true half n' half healer/dps, but I'm not sure they'd take that risk. That bothers me so much too, I feel blizzard has been unwilling to really try and rock the foundation of the game. I think they of all people should try taking risks. This far into the games life cycle I don't see how too many decisions could fundamentally hurt their subscribers.

    Like their trinity system (tank/heal/dps), I'd like to see it changed to have a buff/debuff role. The largest change they've tried has been talent overhaul this expansion which I personally think again they failed to achieve what they wanted. Like they want hard decisions, but then allow for them to be changed at will out of combat. Thus most classes just pick whichever is best for their current situation. The worst is that with only making 3 options per tier, they still have fundamentally bad talents that are never selected.

    Anyways actual comments on the abilities. I don't know if I'm sold on Necrotic Grip. I think its too situational. You gave examples of where it could be used, but normally those stacking up mechanics occur frequently enough (typically every minute), that you have to learn to move yourself so what does it really accomplish. Would it allow you to move everyone and not interrupt casts maybe? Would it allow you to pull people across floor effects safely? Otherwise its just a gimmick and I doubt most would even put on their bars/key-bind it, unless an encounter had something that it was perfectly designed for. Which I have never been a fan of making a mechanic on a fight, just to make 1 ability feel awesome. Maybe I'm singular in this opinion, I didn't every particularly like priests single target version of this. Leap of Faith always seemed like fixing someone else mistake. It seems like its largest purpose would be to combo it with Void Zone to make sure people were in range for your raid cd.

    I assume everything at and below death coil would use runic power but I think you'd have problems with your large heal. If they only cost was 5% health, typically large heals tend to hit a person for 25% of their health pool. It'd be something you could near endlessly spam, like cast five with the sixth on yourself to heal up the self inflicted damage. There would have to be another cost to it to limit it.

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    I fucking hate healing, like soooooooooooo so much. But if this was put into the game, I think I would have to take my first stab at healing. This sounds totally awesome.

    My only point or question or w/e is do you think that a 5 min timer on Max dark energy is a bit long, since most fights dont last that long but for a few certain bosses. Like in 5 mans I don't think you would be able to get a full DE bar unless it stayed active out of combat. Other wise this would be awesome

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    This is an intriguing idea. I'd be really interested in seeing more.
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    I would play an anything.

    But they won't make one, because it makes no sense.
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    Blight mechanic. Chang how the runes work for them. Blight would be interesting. Like spells that create it and absorb it as a resource causing you move around to spread and consume it.

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    Yes, I would, if they pulled it off correctly. Runes might be kind of irritating from a healing perspective, though.

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    I don't see how it fits. What's the purpose of a DK healer? What are you gonna heal people with, diseases?

    "Goddamn I just scratched my knee.. Hey you there, throw some aids at me pls?"

    I mean, I guess OP's concept is pretty cool, but I just can't see it :P
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    I'd rather see a necromancer ranged spec.

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    I like the concept because the game in general could use more healers. Not to mention there is an entire armor type for which 1 spec of 1 class uses...Plate int gear. Which is a terrible design, gear should be much more versatile. It is extremely frustrating to down a boss and see 2 plate int items drop with no holy paly in the raid. Obviously the spec would need a TON more work, but the idea and effort is admirable. Would I actually play the spec?...ehh I don't know. I already swap between Blood and Frost on a more than regular basis. It would be great to have the option, it would need to be very fun to play to capture my interest though.

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    no i would not

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    The only problem i have is with the Resource system, they would be the first class to have essentially unlimited "mana/resources". This was the thought of the initial melee monk but they scrapped that, it gets very obvious that they would have an overwhelming advantage over other healers especially for progression where healer mana matters the most.

    Absolutly could see the dk as a healer.

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    Either that, a ranged dps spec, or blood dps, yeah.

    I'd play it.

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    Tinker does sound pretty cool and rather new ^__^ hunter weapon competition would be good too

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    dk healer i been dreaming since day 1 its sounds cool healing whit dark energie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue The Shaman View Post
    I voted no... Then i read it. Now i wanna change my answer
    dont worry, 90% of the people on MMOC comment/vote without reading OP. its pretty common around here

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    I like it. Dks desperiatly need to heal. I know what i am speaking about. Playing 10 dks 5 of them in the endgame on different servers, i know them in and out, tanking is too boring, healing would be nice and healers are always needed.
    It would push the dk extremely in arenas, too......and he needs the push if you consider rep and class synergies.

    I like those icons and base stuff on necromancy more.

    Of course blood spec as dd spec in addition to the tank spec similar as it happened with feral cat and bear, wouldn't hurt either. Blood started as dps spec and was changed only at the very end of wotlk to a true tank spec.

    i really hate tank specs cause they have no use in Arenas and got weakened in rbgs now too come 5.3.

    Currently play my dk and a heal druid - with this change i would never touch my druid again as its not required anymore - would save a lot of time for me.

    edit: its also possible to do that necromancer ranged spec, cause ranged plate specs are not existing at the moment and would be rather unique. But then, i would like to see blood divided in tanking and healing, we could heal with blood as some blood abilities could allready heal anyways, just need improved for group healing i think the vampire blood theme fits well.
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    I like the concept. However, *if* it were to ever happen likely it would be a dual-wield only spec. Blizzard has gone to great pains and lengths to streamline itemizing the game's weapons and armor and all 2H weapons are STR/dmg. However, there are 1h Intellect weapons all over the place (and none of us would want to wield a staff).

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    Pallys have had the monopoly on +int plate for too long! I say yes to DK healers.

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