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    Mana-less healer would be really interesting. *Really* interesting.

    You'd finally solve the issue of int plate, too.

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    Blizzard has outright stated that they will NOT create a manaless healer, simply because that one could go on healing potentially forever with no possibility for running empty. So the RP bar would be replaced with a mana bar, and the runes would act somewhat like MW Chi or Paladin Holy Power.

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    Cool concept and not too far-fetched. The one thing I can get past is seeing a DK with a wand. LMAO.

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    It sounds cool, though on a lore-perspective.. not really sure how Blizz would pull it off.

    Maybe, if they added a back story to a certain class of the Death Knight, trained by not just other fellow Death Knights, but Val'kyrs, in the ways of reviving other minions of the Scourge in battle (like the old ability Unholy DKs had to come back as Undead for a period of time after death). Have a extra quest in the DK starter zone where you are killed off in battle by some named NPC and brought back by the Val'kyr sacrificing herself (kind of how they do now for Sylvanas), and then taught to resurrect other fallen Death Knights (not in an enjoyable resurrection either, could even tie it to the Sylvanas-turned-into-Banshee-by-Arthas situation).

    Maybe make it look sort of like a Demo Warlock's slow transformation to demonic form when your energy increases but instead of growing horns and demon wings, you being to glow a ghostly white and start going translucent. You could even give them an ability where you can tie a player A's soul to Player B / trash mob / pet, and if Player A was to receive a critical wound that would kill them, Player B's health would drop to 10% and transfer their remaining HP to Player A. Your runic power can turn into mana, and your runes refill over time with healing / melee damage. Certain runes activate certain heals (Blood - Shield, Frost - Direct, Unholy - Hot) and combinations of said runes would change spells (U by itself = single hot, U with F = Regrowth, U with mod = AoE Hot but uses both runes, etc).

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    This is a horrible idea and everyone who thinks a class with "DEATH" in its name should be a cutesy fruitsy healer should just quit.

    Just no.



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    dude, my main is blood, i love every idea you had for a healing dk, if blizzard adds this as a spec, and they have abilities like that and work like that, id definitely reroll to Necrotic
    Get blizzard to see this post!!!

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    not before playing a warrior healer
    To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable? Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit?

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    I would like to have a revamp of the unholy tree for a real Necromancer Setup. Grab a shield (hell yes a shield) + 1h + Int Plate, rise minions and be a ranged/melee caster. Playstyle could be like a mesmer in GW2. Shattering minions for exploding and debuffing, spreading deseases etc.

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    I would, and that's without watching the OP video.

    The melee healers in Warhammer were sort of neat. You ran in, did melee damage, and that built up heals. I thought it was pretty interesting. That would let you 5.5 heal some fight, or 2.5.

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    Before I play a healing DK I want to dw in unholy and blood spec.
    also caster dk > healing dk.

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    if blizzard designed it in a fun way along with fun specs then why not I always thought about that before and it would seem cool a dark healer

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    This is actually pretty good but instead of the whole 'wand and dagger' deal, it should probably be 1H maces, 1H swords... I would laugh if I saw a DK using a wand or dagger especially if the DK is wearing plate.

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    I would love it actually, I played a holy pally back in the day and appreciated it. I really detest alts and would love a healing spec. If done right it would be lots of fun indeed.

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    Sitting on the Burning Throne, experiencing the weirdest déjà vu.
    What I do like: As with everyone else, the fantasy of DKs as a sink for all that extra Intellect plate and having a more focused caster-type option.
    The addition of new weapons to the class could also be... interesting... if only to see the additions of new runeforges.

    What I don't like: The additional resources. DKs already have to manage 4 different Rune types, Runic Power, Diseases, Blood Charges... and yet the fact that you can't find a way to make use of the ones we have is kind of a cop-out. Even then, if we're healing and our weapon damage is intended to be incredibly weak (I mean for Arthas' sake you'd have us using staves and wands, we couldn't even cast Blood Strike), how are we supposed to spend all of the resources we already have?
    Worse yet, it's just really not thematic of the class to be a healer- sure, you have Necromancer-types existing in Scourge-based areas who fit the healer archetype, but those were skills used on undead allies. We're called DEATH knights, our job description is sowing disease and decay and reaping souls of vanquished foes.
    I can't even say I like the confusing mastery (which of the values change, exactly, and at how high a value are we supposed to care?), or the weak attempts to make healing variants of LK spells on our wishlist that have been asked for specifically for their damaging components. And only a portion of Intellect is converted into additional healing in Necrotic Presence? If you're going to bother giving this power to a KNIGHT class, why not just do what they've done with the other major hybrid-healers and tack on a hard passive that says we only get attack power from spell power sources, a la Monks or (inversely) Shaman?
    Even the spec's NAME is inappropriate for the concept- Necrosis refers to the death of cells, not their rejuvenation, making it the least appropriate name for any healing spec. Anything in the game with "Necrotic" in its name has thus far been a damaging ability, and Necrotic Strike, Necrotic Poison and Necrotic Aura are even direct counter-healing abilities!

    What Blizzard wouldn't like: A mana-less healer. They already went back on the concept of one with the Mistweaver.
    On top of that, while it's nice to think about from time to time, it's actually a lot harder to execute the idea of DKs using Intellect than you'd think, especially given all of our class-specific gear that's loaded with Strength- think back to the starting zone, where everything was just strength gear and at the end you only had the choice between a slightly tankier weapon and a slightly more damaging weapon. Sure, you could reskin the gear, put new stats on it and put it in the quests as a competing reward, but every quest in the starting zone has been tailored to not force you to make a hard choice between tanking or damage until the end. Even if the starting zone isn't enough reason for you, they'd likely have to go back and make DK tiers with healing stats- taking time and resources away from developing current content.
    Lastly, Blizzard doesn't enjoy the idea of 4th specs- they only did it for Druids since Cat and Bear druids were rather drastically different in playstyle and purpose since the beginning of the game. Implementing a fourth spec for DKs for the specific purpose of creating a fourth spec just goes right against the established philosophy.

    In conclusion, I frankly don't care for the spec as it's been stated in this thread, finding it both in poor taste and bad design, and I strongly doubt Blizzard would care for any iteration of it. Ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreyo View Post
    Mana-less healer would be really interesting. *Really* interesting.

    You'd finally solve the issue of int plate, too.
    They tried that with monks but said it was hard to balance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziktus View Post
    I was kind of sceptical when I opened this thread, but these are some really fun ideas. I'd most likely play one.
    Exactly same feeling here.

    This clever idea might actually work. Dk healing could be different and surely would give a lot of flavour to the class.
    Keep up the good work!

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    This idea reminds me of Sith Inquisitors from Swtor.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    This idea reminds me of Sith Inquisitors from Swtor.
    Read my mind. And I didn't like that concept either. This class is not conceptually meant to heal, only kill.

    A ranged DPS spec would make a lot more sense.

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    as much as I love the idea, I doubt blizzard would ever add 4th spec for every class unless they only give it to some certain classes like DKs (not to mention Druids do have a 4thspec but that's totally different because Druids always had that 4th spec inside it )then that could work out.On the hand,non dks would be sad and demand something for their class as well.

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