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    Help with Shado Pan Trinket

    Hi all,

    Looking for a bit of assistance, is it worth getting the Vicious Talisman Of the Shado Pan Assault trinket? I have access to LFR 502 gear and the Valor Pieces as well as normal mode lower tiers, cant see me getting normal mode TOT later levels for a bit and certainly not heroic.

    I've already got all the LFR 502 trinkets including Bad Juju and Bloodlust which i have been using, is the VP trinket an upgrade on these?

    Many thanks

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    I'm not familiar with ench trinkets, but you should consider that LFR versions of normal trinkets got lowered RPPM, thus u won't be able to profit them that much.

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    The ench trinket is good if you can work around the hit bump.
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