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    Quote Originally Posted by Migas11 View Post
    Sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but nowhere has blizzard said every class would eventually get a class quest like warlocks just did. Green Fire happened because it was something people have been crying for for years now. The closest they said to it was if in the future the moment was right and there is serious need for it, another one might be considered.

    Not confirmed..
    If you take all of this too seriously, it will be boring ...
    First, Blizzard never confirm anythings.
    Second, they will eventually do other. It's not never ...
    Third, 99% chance that the next class quest won't be for Mage.
    Fourth, keep dreaming and post your crazy idea ...
    The answers is 42

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    Im not taking it too seriously, i mean, i get a good laugh from all these "what will your Demon Hunter name be" threads.

    But the fact is that when they first confirmed they were finally giving warlocks green fire as a reward of a quest, they did say they moved away from class-exclusive quests in Cataclysm, and this was just a great way to implement the green fire without it simply being a "Green Fire has a 500g fee to learn, do you accept?" kind of thing...

    But hey, if other classes do get things as epic as this was, im all for it! Breathing some life back to my alts, left to die since MoP hit.

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    It would change the graphics of our bombs.

    Nether Temest would expell small arcane phoenixes who divebomb mobs, while the mob with the ticks on them will look like they are trapped in a glass cube.
    As Frost Bomb gets closer to exploding, it looks like the enemy is trapped in a growing glacier block. When it explodes, it shows shards of ice rippling from the explosion and creates a frost patch on the ground.
    As Living Bomb ticks down, the mob with the tick progressivly gets larger and shaded of red. When it explodes it releases a huge fire explosion, incinerating the ground around them and looks like a fire pillar.


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