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    [weak auras] Dynamic group question

    I'm creating a raid cooldowns tracker (so far quite successfully) the thing is:

    Im having multiple auras that fire if the player is in raid and G1 and G2 (G3+ is used for backups and replaces)

    so, if the player is in G1 and G2, and I have a tracker for one of his CD's it will show up.

    I have grouped it before with "regular" group, yet since it lacks the dynamic thing, every aura has a specific location and therefore, if X player is not in the group, a gap will be created in the spot where should be "his" CD.

    with dynamic grouping i can keep the bars stacked and its easier to see what CD's "we" have ready.

    question is... since I'm sorting it and i need more than just 1 line/row I ask the question:

    If i use dynamic groups, all the auras will be stored in a single line/row or can I create 2 line/columns? (if so, how can I do it?) or do I need a 2nd dynamic group for the 2nd line/row?

    thanks a lot!

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    You need a second group.
    A dynamic group will only expand horizontally or vertically to fit displays in between others.
    It will not do both.

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    It would be possible using animations and custom functions for auras in a static group but it would be 1.5 metric assloads of code and certainly not worth the effort.
    The two groups approach makes more sense.

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    thanks a lot!

    you have been awsome!

    another thing if I may

    I'm now struggling with a %c


    with those I can track whenever the group has been changed so I can "show"/"hide" available CD's accordingly and track whenever the target player has used his cooldown or whatnot.

    yet now i have some sort of thing.

    the weakaura is a bar, and one of the text i have is a "%C" mainly because i want it to track either the cooldown of the spell from that player OR, if the cooldown is ready to use, display the word "READY!"
    thing is... that %C needs a trigger update, and the 2 options that it shows it "Every Frame" or "On Trigger Update"

    sadly "On Trigger Update" might be a little to floppy and create a uneven timer, and yet, "Every Frame", even since I'm playing only 30 fps I feel that its too much and drawing resources that are not needed just for a simple time tracker.

    any option on a good trigger that happens every second so I can use "On Trigger Update" and feel safe? ( I was thinking about UNIT_POWER since I'm a healer and im always updating my mana but if you have a better idea)



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    Quote Originally Posted by Machinelf View Post

    sorry mate... didn't quite follow you there... mind explaining? please?

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    His point is that it should be "ROSTER", I assume.
    UI & AddOns expert | Interface & Macros moderator - My work

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    What I assumed too.
    It being ROSTER rather than ROOSTER.

    Which is one of these things.

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    LOL, yeah! bad typing... in WA is correct though LOL

    sorry, english is not my native language =) ( at this point this is a given... /shame)

    thanks for the input?

    anyone that ca trow a event that flags every second or so for my %c issue? :P thanks!

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