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    Alliance mop experience?

    So, iv seen a lot of people say the alliance mop experience was sub-par compared to horde, and I find this a little bit strange.

    I was telling my friends the other day that I have been playing both factions during mop, and I felt like the alliance side beat the horde side by far. Am I alone in this opinion? Alliance just seems....better.

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    Horde side is getting involvement from quite a few races(forsaken being notably missing) with blood elves and trolls being the most important.

    Meanwhile, the alliance is getting involvement from humans and night elves with humans being the only important race.

    So, I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I think the horde is definitely better for racial diversity.

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    I think the story Alliance side is good. Could there be improvements? Yes. But overall I enjoy it.

    5.1 I loved as Alliance.

    5.2, well that's pretty faction neutral.

    5.3...eh. I like the IDEA behind the Alliance's story here but we need a couple more quests, it's just lacking in actual content for Alliance.

    For 5.4 though, if the devs follow through with the comments they've made, it's going to be a great patch to be Alliance.

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