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    Make World PvP More Rewarding?

    I've never been a huge fan of world PvP, but as someone who enjoys PvPing, I can see the importance of it.

    What if world pvp rewarded a small amount of conquest points in addition to honor? 2-3 conquest per kill wouldn't make or break anything, but it'd be a nice bonus for anyone who has to frequently fend of gankers while doing dailies (or perhaps you are the ganker!).

    It wouldn't be enough conquest to replace the other (quicker) methods of gaining conquest points, but it would really be some icing on the cake for people who just enjoy PvP.

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    Meh, I disagree tbh. I think there should be rewards for doing objectives and such out in world pvp areas, like BC Halaa or HFP but with actual rewards.

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