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    Going for the achievement 'Double Agent', not sure what to play..

    As the title says, I am going for the achievement 'Double Agent', and I will also get 'Quintessential Quintet' once I level this character. At the moment I have a 90 Druid (feral/tank), 90 Priest (shadow/disc), 90 Monk (mw/ww) and 88 Shaman (ele/enh).

    I am unsure what to level up, I have every class at 80 + (from playing since 2005) but I am finding it hard to choose between: Hunter, Rogue, Mage or Warlock; as I obviously don't have a class that is pure dps at or close to level 90. I know Hunter may be the best choice, as it is "unlike" the other classes and specs that I already have.

    I am also planning on levelling this character as a human, my love for Jaina makes me want to play a Mage. My knowledge of how awesome Lock's have been recently makes me want to play my lock. But I also want to be that sneaky person that everyone hates on a Rogue, yet my Hunter was technically my first character ever made.. So there's some nostalgia there..

    What do!?

    TL;DR - Choosing between Hunter, Rogue, Mage and Warlock to level as a human from 80+, what do?

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    We can't pick for you. It's a subjective and personal decision only you can make

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