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    HS:HoW shoutcaster in WoW

    When this npc was introduced in 5.1 or somewhere I did his fishing quest and promptly forgot about him, after vaguely wondering why on earth Blizz put in an NPC called "Ben of the Booming Voice" without that NPC actually having any spoken dialogue.

    I ran into this NPC last week on an alt, and finally the coin dropped on the why and how of his name: it is, without a doubt, an NPC named after Ben Brode, our ever awesome Hearthstone Fireside Duel shoutcaster.

    Gotta love Blizz putting in this NPC before Ben got put to work as a shoutcaster for the Hearthstone promos. Nobody outside of the insiders would have understood this funny name.

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    Ahh that's very cleaver nice catch!

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    Hahaha. The guy DOES have a really deep voice, you have to admit.

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