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    would you have a date with a cosplayed fictional character?

    for the sake of clearness, assume the following:

    1) just a date with a possible 1 night stand. no strings attached like commitment. you have a dinner date with some small talk in the way the cosplayed character would act, then you go watch a movie in the cinema and you walk your date home where you're invited for some coffee. it's your own choice how far you want to go.
    2) the cosplayer is the same gender as the character that's cosplayed and is of legal age and of appropriate build and size. no fat dudes cosplaying Hermione or something like that, unless you're into that.
    3) if you take the 1 night stand, you won't get an STD, there will be no pregnancy and if you have a significant other, they will not have any issues with it. it's completely consensual and noone will complain about it.
    4) it can be any character of any gender and any race or species. if the cosplayed character is younger than 18 (like harry potter characters), it's a version that's 18 to prevent any legal issues.
    5) the cosplay is well executed. clothes and appearance are 95% similar to the actual character.

    so, if you could date any fiction char, not in person, but cosplayed by a real person and assuming the above, who would you date and why?

    I think people who have read my posts in the Corrupt a wish threads likely have an idea of who i'd pick, but I won't pick either Ahsoka Tano or Holly Short for squick reasons. those characters are such strong female leads in their respective series that in my opinion, a date and 1 night stand would only detract from my enjoyment of them.

    Instead, i'd go with Femshep, one of the best female leads to have graced recent gaming.
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    That's difficult as hell.

    I definitely would. Just not sure who.

    Probably someone from Bleach. >.>

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    I'll date someone who cosplays my FemShep . . .
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    motoko kusanagi

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    Yes. The hard part is deciding who.

    Edit: Also, I know that they're cosplaying beforehand, right? It's not as if I'm expecting a normal date and she turns up coincidentally dressed as a hot fictional character?

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    Yes. Asuna from Sword Art Online, not just because she's cute, but while watching that series I got completely attached to the main characters and their relationship I swear I cried at the finale, such a happy ending
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    No, I like fantasy and reality but not together.
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    Only if they put alot (and I mean alot) of effort into looking like Dumbledore.

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    I'd have to say no, I wouldn't go on a date with someone in cosplay. I'm not a huge fan of cosplay in the first place, I'd prefer to go on a date with a real woman.

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    Sounds awesome to me but I am not sure how someone would be able to cosplay as Giygas.

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    Yep, Asuka from Evangelion. /drool
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    I'll take the one night stand with Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy fame. I bet he has a big wang.

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    Rise Kujikawa. All day, errr' day. Or just that one time.

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    I pretty much actually did this with a Princess Peach cosplayer. It's kind of a weird story. End result: Princess Peach is forever hyper-sexualized for me. It's kind of awkward sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppetShowJustice View Post
    I pretty much actually did this with a Princess Peach cosplayer. It's kind of a weird story. End result: Princess Peach is forever hyper-sexualized for me. It's kind of awkward sometimes.
    I laughed IRL.

    On topic, I would, but I cannot decide who with.

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    Yeah if Jessica Nigiri was the one cosplaying the character. Don't care what character they're cosplaying at that point

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    Hmmm.. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7
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    2 options of ideal girls crossed my mind and they would def be well suited to cosplay some charters.

    I like red hairs and blondes.
    Give me a Redhead that has the same build and a attitude as Erza Scarlet from Fairytail and i would have no prob going on a date with that girl!
    Good looks and a bodytype i like and the ability to cosplay 1 of my favorites, what is there to not like?!?!?

    My other ideal Girl type is a tall Blonde girl with curves in the right places with much pride.
    Since she looks like Sylvia Von Hossen from Princess Lover i have no problem going on a date with her cosplaying like her! i mean comon! i love it and don't care if other ppl find her clothes weird.
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